Ahead of Jumanji 3, Dwayne Johnson And Kevin Hart Are Back To Ribbing Each Other

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Kevin Hart and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson are far from strangers. The A-list actors first came together onscreen together in 2016's Central Intelligence, and then they lit the box office on fire with last year's sequel/reboot Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, which they starred in alongside Jack Black and Karen Gillan. The sequel was inevitable. It's only a matter of time before they're paired up again on the screen. However, even before the new movie makes its way into theaters, Hart and Johnson have found themselves connected once again, poking fun at one another's expense leading up to the new film.

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson notably have a history of poking fun with one another. They're at it again, thanks to a funny comment from Dwayne Johnson on social media earlier this week, where he talked about his baby daughter watching him work out... similar to his "son" Kevin Hart. He said:

My lil' Jasmine Lia luvs watchin me clang & bang in the Iron Paradise. Warms my cold black heart as she sits in awe.. 'Wow daddy you're so strong' while I hammer away Ironically, my baby son Kevin Hart does the exact same thing too when watching his daddy.

Kevin Hart posted the following tweet in response to Dwayne Johnson's taunt on the social media site, where he compared him to a child. Here's what Hart said to The Rock's teasing.

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It should be noted that Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart have a history of joshing each other, and this latest social media interaction is only the most recent time they've made jokes at each others' expenses. For instance, The Rock made a spectacle of pranking Hart on the set of Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. That often included Johnson planting fake snakes and spiders around Hart, knowing that his co-star has a fear of small insects and snakes.

To make matters worse (for Kevin Hart, at least), Dwayne Johnson broadcast one of his pranks on the comedian online for all the world to see. You can see that particular prank below, which finds The Rock planting one of his fake spiders on Kevin Hart -- much to Hart's terror and ultimate chagrin.

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Thankfully, in real life, Kevin Hart and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson are actually good friends, and pranking each other is just a sign of their friendship. It's a good thing, as they'll soon be reunited on the upcoming Jumanji sequel, which is currently still untitled. It is reported to currently be in pre-production.

Not much is known about the newest Jumanji sequel, although it's expected to begin filming soon. No formal start date was announced to the public, but it is likely going to start once Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson finishes his intensive work on Hobbs & Shaw, his Fast & Furious spin-off with Jason Statham. The release date for the newest Jumanji is set for December 19th, 2019. All four stars, as well as director Jake Kasdan, are expected to reprise their roles from the first movie. Expect more shenanigans from Kevin Hart and The Rock as the movie gets closer to its upcoming release date.

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