Lady And The Tramp’s Justin Theroux Is Having Candle-Lit Dinners With His Dog During Quarantine

Lady and the Tramp, Disney 2019 remake
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Have you been keeping up with how celebrities are dealing with stay-at-home orders amidst the COVID-19 pandemic? New couple Ben Affleck and Ana De Armas are looking adorable walking their dogs around their Los Angeles neighborhood while they adorably share their quarantine. Gal Gadot enlisted half of Hollywood to sing “Imagine” with her and a lot of people hated it. Vanessa Hudgens and Evangeline Lilly got in some hot water for their social media comments on the situation. But the award for best celebrity quarantine content has to go to Justin Theroux.

For the past week, The Leftovers star has been sharing the quality time he’s been spending with his pup Kuma through candlelight gourmet dinners. Justin Theroux and his grey pitbull rescue are emulating the class of the famous “Bella Notte” scene in Lady and the Tramp just about every evening as he shares burgers, pasta and soup with Kuma while in quarantine. Take a look:

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Like I said, Justin Theroux wins quarantine. For many of us, staying at home means more time spent with our pets, and the actor is giving his dog to the finest treatment around. As he explained on Instagram earlier this week, the pair enjoyed a spaghetti dinner with pesto, baby tomatoes and a side salad. Kuma is wearing a bow tie and tux bib, and Justin is all dressed up in a suit too.

This isn’t the only occasion of their fancy quarantine dining. Justin Theroux has been sharing all sorts of meals with Kuma on his Instagram stories. They had a lasagna dinner that the actor commented is like “meth” to doggos. They had an Easter brunch together complete with pancakes and bacon, and yesterday they had Irish soda bread and beet borscht. Here they are:

Kuma the dog quarantine dinner with Justin Theroux

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Justin Theroux rescued Kuma back in 2018, shortly after his “gentle separation” with Jennifer Aniston, and they’ve been best buds ever since. Kuma was rescued over in Texas after Hurricane Harvey affected the pup’s hometown. Usually the actor will take the pit bull around to restaurants with him, but he’s been forced to improvise given the situation.

It’s especially fitting since Justin Theroux voiced Tramp in Disney+’s remake of Lady and the Tramp. The production also used a shelter dog in between using its live-action/CGI hybrid technology. Back when the movie was released, Theroux also watched the movie with Kuma and posted his “reactions” to the movie onto Instagram.

Last week, it was announced that Lady and the Tramp’s writer, Kari Ganlund, would also be penning a live-action/CGI hybrid version of Robin Hood. For now, you can hear the actor in the Disney+ remake on the streaming platform now (sign up for a free 7-day trial here).

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