6 Marvel Villains That Are Uniquely Suited To Take On Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

There is not a single hero in the Justice League whom I would dare to mess with, but out of all of them it's Wonder Woman whom I believe would be the least inclined to show any mercy. However, despite her resilience, I feel that I could have a better advantage against her if I was a Marvel villain.

Wonder Woman has held her own against countless baddies of the DC Universe, many of which have been grossly unmatched against the Amazonian warrior princess. The ones who have proved to be more of a challenge for her are those who reflect a similar godly capability that, even with her impeccable skills in combat, made her day less than wonderful.

She might have an especially dismal time if she found herself in the Marvel Universe, which is not only full of gods, goddesses, and god-like forces of evil, but one of its most powerful villains is the personification of the multiverse itself named Eternity. Of course, he is not really one for combat, to be honest, which does not seem fair to Wonder Woman. The following six Marvel villains, however, seem like a perfect match for her.

Oscar Isaac in X-Men: Apocalypse


No one gets a nickname that defines the prophesied ending of the world without a good reason, and Apocalypse, known to be one of the first mutants in history, has more than a few. With abilities including super strength, teleportation, energy blasts, and more, this immortal does not even know himself the full extent of what he can do. I am sure he is confident in his ability to face off with Wonder Woman.

He has reflexes fast enough to dodge her every strike, could use telepathy to know her next move before she executes it, or use his molecular manipulation to make himself 10 stories tall. Of course, Wonder Woman could fly up to his face and stab him in the eye, but not only could he heal in seconds, he probably does not need that eye in the first place if you really think about it (given the whole molecular manipulation thing). A battle with Apocalypse would be a fight fit for the gods, indeed, and certainly not a pretty one.

Cate Blanchett as Hela in Thor: Ragnarok


Ever considered how Thor is almost like the Wonder Woman of the Avengers? They are both godly, royal, highly skilled warriors from mystical lands and their origins begin as fish-out-of-water tales of self discovery. Therefore, it might be safe to say that anyone who gave the God of Thunder a hard time might prove just as difficult for the Princess of Themyscira – Hela being a prime example.

Thor’s long-lost sister turned out to be one of Thor’s most challenging threats (in his solo films, at least), with her godly physiology, magical manipulation, and full control over the life and death of any Asgardian. Not to mention, one of her lesser-known abilities is expert swordsmanship, which would be the ultimate way to challenge Wonder Woman. Equipped with her God Killer, Diana going against Hela and her Nightsword would be one neck-and-neck duel.



Another villain who has had a notable brush with Thor and is a god of evil is Mephisto. In fact, calling him the ultimate god of evil would not be wrong, as he is essentially the Marvel Universe’s version of Satan. That alone sounds like the description of someone whom Wonder Woman would take it upon herself to get rid of, but with the promise of survival being potentially lower.

Mephisto is a demon of extra-dimensional origin (whatever dimension that might be is unknown) with a vast number of magical powers ranging from healing to controlling reality. Of course, to be fair, his bouts of reality manipulation in the past have been proven to be limited by impermanence, not to mention he also has no control over free will, and Wonder Woman’s will is quite incorruptible. However, that weakness has no hold over his ability to trap any living being in his dimensional realm, so Diana might want to brush up on her skills of escape if she wants to taste freedom again.

Kota Eberhardt in X-Men: Dark Phoenix


Apocalypse is one of the first recorded mutants, but Selene, a descendant of the Externals (which Apocalypse, supposedly, is one of as well), has several thousand years on him and possesses a few abilities he wishes he had (or at least wishes he realized he had). Wonder Woman might wish she had those abilities too when facing her in battle.

Also technically royalty as the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club, Selene is essentially a vampire (just not in the sense of Dracula, or even Morbius) from her ability to absorb life forces to sustain immortality, but she can also manipulate shadows, hypnotize individuals, has the skills to be a potential Sorcerer Supreme. All of this being said, Wonder Woman’s best chance at defeating Selene would be to coax her into overexerting her magic, weakening and aging her. That is, unless she reads her mind first, making the a collaboration with an External to drain her life force the last known chance to defeat her.

Sophie Turner as Jean Grey in X-Men: Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix

Speaking of Selene, you might have recognized her from her appearance in 2019’s X-Men: Dark Phoenix, in which she was played by Kota Eberhardt and got more than she bargained for when taking on Sophie Turner’s Jean Grey after her Phoenix Force abilities were unlocked. It would actually be safe to say that the emergence of the Dark Phoenix is probably the most likely outcome that would allow Wonder Woman to call her fight with Selene a draw as they would have no choice but to work together to stop her.

The Dark Phoenix is easily one of the worst threats to burden the Marvel Universe, bearing incomparable power and, unfortunately, a healthy side helping of evil too. You could name any Marvel villain and pick an ability of theirs at random, and she probably has it, in addition to molecular reconstruction of all matter and the ability to generate energy blasts strong enough to destroy whole planets. Her only real weakness is that, despite her godly presence, Jean Grey’s body is still mortal, meaning that if Wonder Woman can manage one devastating blow, that would be enough to stop her, but it would still be a hard road to travel.

Desak in a scene from Marvel Comics


We have talked a lot about the gods, goddesses, and god-like beings of the Marvel Universe whom Wonder Woman would find to be devastatingly worthy adversaries. However, we have not yet considered someone whose central purpose is the destruction of such beings, but not particularly for the sake of good. This is the story of Desak, Destroyer of Gods

His name says it all, people. The rock-skinned alien took on the role of a eternal being slayer when he became one himself, thanks to the Amulet of Power imbued inside him. He also possesses skills that make him an effective hunter of even the most powerful individuals. Desak greatest weakness is that he's not the smartest tool in the shed, and tools of an enchanted nature have also been proven effective against him. Perhaps Wonder Woman’s God Killer would have a good chance against him, but it would require a lot of effort for the hero to win the battle.

What do you think? Have we found Wonder Woman’s match in these Marvelous villains, or is it a wonder to you that I could ever imagine these villains defeating her? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for more hypothetical comic book character battles here on CinemaBlend.

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