5 Marvel Villains That Could Easily Defeat Batman

Ben Affleck as Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

The evil-doers of the DC Universe know better than to mess with Batman. With a genius-level IQ, incomparable martial arts mastery, and all those wonderful toys, he probably has an infallible contingency plan for any one of his known foes. However, those whom the Dark Knight may not be as prepared for would be Marvel villains.

The Marvel Universe is one expansive realm filled with many individuals of distinct characteristics, abilities, and origins beyond the furthest reaches of time and space, making many of them a danger to even the strongest characters. Theoretically, Batman could have the means to defeat them, but there are some beings whose power outweighs combat, or technological expertise, or intellect.

To find such threats, you can look no further than the biggest, baddest foes of Marvel Comics, some of which give the Joker a reason to stop laughing. These are just five Marvel villains that have the best chance of giving Batman a very, very hard time.

Colin Farrell as Bullseye in Daredevil


Batman is a sworn opposer to the use of firearms, enough so that even the threat of a bullet has rarely been known to slow him down, if his capturing of Deadshot is any evidence. Therefore, while a gun-toting assassin would be nothing against the Caped Crusader, he might be less prone to suspect an attack from an assassin who specializes in a wider range of weaponry, such as Bullseye.

Bullseye is Wilson “Kingpin” Fisk’s mercenary-turned-assassin who gets his name, not only from the fact that he never fails to strike his target, but also from the matching appearance of the scar on his forehead, given to him by his arch nemesis, Daredevil. While a few cuts and scrapes from a ninja star would be nothing that Batman can’t patch up later, it would be wise not to underestimate the lethal capabilities of this man: an acrobat and expert in martial arts who has every vulnerable pressure point on the human body memorized and can turn virtually any object into a deadly weapon. Even if Bats survived Bullseye’s attack, he would feel it in the morning.

Ian McKellan as Magneto in X-Men: The Last Stand


While he is always smart to avoid a constant reliance on them, Batman’s famous arsenal of self-built gadgets and gizmos sure do come in handy, many of them based in revolutionary development in technology exclusive to the Cape Crusaders’ use. While that may not always be fair, it is best that these items are kept secret as to avoid falling into the wrong hands, such as someone like Magneto, an enemy of the X-Men. Of course, few people would have an easier time getting their hands on Batman’s toys like he would.

The Malcolm X to Professor Xavier’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Max Eisenhardt (who changed his name to Erik Magnus Lehnsherr after escaping the Holocaust) took up the title of Magneto when he discovered his ability to manipulate all forms of metal, which I believe the wing-like gauntlets on Batman’s batsuit are made of. Bats most definitely have the upper-hand in combat against Magneto, but when a good chunk of the material makeup of your suit is made of the very material your adversary has omnipotent control over, you're in trouble.

Julian McMahon as Doctor Doom in 2004's Fantastic Four

Doctor Doom

Batman may be a badass in the realm of combat, but where he really shines (and where he seems the most pleased to be challenged) is intellect. His most deserving foes are the ones are the ones who use brains over brawn and few individuals in the Marvel Universe, on either side of the law, are as smart as Doctor Doom.

Born Victor von Doom in Latveria, the arch enemy of the Fantastic Four may have been expelled from college before completing his degree, but managed to reach a level of intelligence that surpasses the graduate level in most areas of science. However, even if Batman did manage to foil whatever plans the villain had for him, he might not have much to combat Doctor Doom’s impressive skills in sorcery, which he has practiced since a young age under the guidance of multiple mentors, including himself. Like Batman, Doom is a self-made man, but the villain’s skills sadly outweigh the hero’s.

Moon Knight is like Batman, but with magic powers

Moon Knight

Moon Knight is not a villain, you say? Well, perhaps the god-like vigilante has led a more heroic lifestyle for the better part of his existence in Marvel comics but, if true fans will recall, the character was initially introduced as a villain, assigned to capture the anti-heroic half-man, half-wolf Jack Russell in a 1975 issue of Werewolf By Night. Also, who is going to argue against a battle between Moon Knight and Batman?

Heavyweight boxer-turned-Marine-turned-mercenary Marc Spector was left to die by at an Egyptian archaeological dig, where he was resurrected by a vengeful god who added lunar-powered magical abilities to his expertise in martial arts and technology, turning him into a billionaire playboy by day and costumed avenger by night… so, a lot like Batman, but crazier (Moon Knight also suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder). This duel seems like a draw at first, which is why it would be a treat to witness, until Moon Knight would pull out his spiritual gifts of telepathy and pain resistance that would allow him to endure and evade Batman’s every move, meaning the Caped Crusader might have to accept that he does not have the upper hand this time.

Eternity is an omnipotent being who lives up to his name


Batman may have the means to outwit any criminal mastermind and even outweigh the most intimidating physical opponents, but one thing he has always struggled with is reality. We often try our best to look past the fact that Bruce Wayne is a deeply tortured soul whose vigilantism is a side effect of his inability to cope with his own demons. What if a physical manifestation of said demons became were to appear before his eyes?

Someone who could make such a bizarre feat happen is Eternity: the combination of every reality in the Marvel Multiverse manifested into a living being even stronger than Galactus, whose omnipotence allows him to manipulate reality in any way he wants. In other words, he could wipe Batman from existence in a snap or, if he really wanted to torment him, resurrect his parents and force him to watch them die again and again on an endless looping nightmare from which he could never wake up. As much as I hate to admit it, that may be the ultimate way to defeat the Dark Knight.

Now, I am not Batman (as far as I am willing to claim, at least), so perhaps I missed a weakening detail or two about these baddies that only the World’s Greatest Detective would be able to figure out, ultimately giving him the edge to be victorious. Otherwise, if Bats were to find himself in the Marvel universe, he might want to steer the Batmobile out of their way.

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