That Time Kate Hudson And Jimmy Fallon Almost Dated While Making Almost Famous

Kate Hudson in Almost Famous
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Remember when Nicole Kidman went on The Tonight Show and dropped the bombshell on Jimmy Fallon that she used to like him and he had no idea? It was easily one of my favorite awkward-yet-hilarious late night moments in recent memory. In a 2015 interview, the host clearly had no idea the Moulin Rouge actress was expecting him to make a move back in the day. And now it sounds like Jimmy Fallon totally could have dated his Almost Famous co-star Kate Hudson too.

As Hudson tells it, Jimmy Fallon and Kate Hudson could have been an item back in 2000 when they met on the set of Almost Famous. The pair was hanging out together a lot after making the Cameron Crowe movie, but once again Fallon was completely clueless that Hudson was actually interested. Recently a guest on on The Tonight Show, the actress said while talking about their history together,

Jimmy, if you would have actually made a move, I would have totally gone there.

Kate Hudson discovered that Jimmy Fallon used to be as interested in her as she was in him while watching a 2018 episode of his show when he played a game of Pour It Out with Margot Robbie. During the segment, Fallon and Robbie answered questions out loud and either revealed the question or took a shot of liquor. When the question was if there was a time he thought he could have dated a co-star, his answer was Kate Hudson. This came as a complete surprise to the Academy Award nominee:

I was like 'I had no idea.' I wish people could be in my body to watch you and I's [sic] relationship and friendship because you gave me no indication.

Kate Hudson has now addressed her side of the story. If he had made a move at the time she said she would have “totally gone there.” In her words:

I remember thinking to myself like, 'Why has Jimmy never made a move?' And then I just kind of realized, 'Oh, he's not into me like that.' I was just like 'OK, well whatever.' And so, then I met Chris.

Jimmy Fallon was good friends with Hudson at the same time she first met her husband Chris Robinson. In fact, it sounds like the comedian was hanging out with Hudson on the same night she met the Black Crowes singer and even gave her copies of the band’s CDs before she went on her first date with him.

Check out the full interview below:

Even if they both had mixed signals at the time, the pair went on to say that everything went exactly as it was supposed to. Both of them are happily married with children and seem to have maintained a friendship years later. But now someone needs to make a Sliding Doors-type remake about Jimmy Fallon’s life called Almost Hudson.

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