Ryan Reynolds Did a Movie With Jodie Comer And Blake Lively Can't Get Enough Of The Killing Eve Connection

Free Guy Jodie Comer and Ryan Reynolds talk in a really clean hideout

Ah, the perks of being a movie star. If you’re someone like Ryan Reynolds, you can quarantine with some fantastic gin, get a haircut from your wife/better half Blake Lively and promote your new and exciting holiday release Free Guy. It’s a nice feeling, for sure… up until the point your wife finds out that you happened to make a movie with Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer, and you never stopped to tell her.

That’s exactly what happened recently, as Ryan Reynolds took to Instagram to talk up the front cover treatment his latest film has received, and how it’s such a “speedball of joy,” as you can see below:

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Looking at that art for Free Guy, the joy can hardly be contained. With this nutso looking comedy-adventure recently pushed back to the holiday season, it only makes the first trailer released for the film all the more exciting to go back and revisit. Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer running rampant in a GTA meets Fortnite world where anything is possibly explosive is something that history has been joyfully looking forward to for some time now.

Of course, that joy reached its way out to Blake Lively, which in turn caused the Killing Eve fan in her to politely freak out as follows:

Wait... You did a movie with VILLANELLE?!?!? I’m. Not. Ok.

While Free Guy is still a couple of months out, the latest season of Killing Eve has already started with a promising, albeit slightly off, start. And seeing as Jodie Comer’s already iconic Villanelle is wrecking having once again, as only she knows how, the slightest sight of the actor is going to touch off some feelings.

Let’s just hope that Blake Lively doesn’t separate herself from her husband after her discovery that he did in fact get to work with Killing Eve’s rising star. Ryan, you might want to spring for some flowers, along with a bottle of Aviation Gin with a personally engraved apology. It's just a suggestion.

It’s hard to tell if this is just another good natured joke between Blake Lively and her loving husband, or if somehow Ryan Reynolds was able to stealthily make Free Guy without informing her that Ms. Comer was part of the festivities. More than likely it’s the first scenario that reigns supreme, but no matter the truth, it’s shenanigans like this that are helping the world keep it together while staying indoors.

If current plans hold up, we’ll all get to see Jodie Comer AND Ryan Reynolds in Free Guy as it levels up in theaters on December 11. Keep checking in with CinemaBlend for updates on that project and other movie news. Meanwhile, Killing Eve can be seen Sundays at 9 PM ET on BBC America.

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