Kevin Hart’s Birthday Message To Dwayne Johnson Is Full Of Insults, Because Of Course

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin hart

Over the weekend, Dwayne Johnson celebrated his 48th birthday. As you might expect, he received well wishes from all over. His friends, and his fans, both pilled on the birthday love, which is pretty standard in the social media driven world we live in. And yet, one particular birthday wish stood out among the rest. Johnson's frequent partner in crime Kevin Hart, sent The Rock a special birthday greeting where he roasted his co-star, because that's just how these two work.

Dwayne Johnson and Kevin hart have made many movies together, and they clearly enjoy working together, and yet, when the duo actually talk about one another, it's usually in expletive-riddled tirades that make it sound like each one wishes the other was dead. That's just how some friendships work. Check out Kevin Hart's birthday wishes to Johnson below.

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The funniest part of the list of descriptive adjectives might be that he combines mild insults, calling him unattractive and flat foot, with other items which really just are reasonable descriptions of who Dwayne Johnson is, like weight lifting and tequila drinking. Clearly, even Kevin Hart realizes at the end that he hasn't been quite insulting enough, leading him to drop the P.S. F-bomb at the end of it all.

It does not appear that Dwayne Johnson has commented on the birthday greetings at this time. He might be plotting his revenge for Kevin Hart's birthday, which, if you're keeping score, is July 6.

This is pretty much par for the course for this friendship. The two throw shade at each other when doing interviews side-by-side or just when they get board on Instagram. If you didn't know better, you might think there was some real heat between them, but if that were the case you can be sure they wouldn't be showing up on screen together nearly as often as they do. The two have made a pair of Jumanji movies as well as the comedy Central Intelligence. Hart even appeared in the Fast & Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw, and one gets the feeling there's a good chance he'll appear in the forthcoming sequel.

The two have even talked about Kevin Hart appearing in Black Adam, though, because you can never take the pair entirely seriously, it's unclear if they're just joking around or if we could see Kevin hart join the DCEU. Stranger things have happened.

The biggest example of just how close these two really are is probably when Dwayne Johnson left his honeymoon early to appear on a talk show in Kevin Hart's place after the latter star had been in a car accident. The Rock couldn't help but poke fun at his buddy even then, but it still showed just how close these two are, no matter what they call each other.

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