Tom Cruise's Movie Space Training Will Prepare Him To Use The Bathroom In Zero Gravity, Because Of Course

Oblivion Tom Cruise buckled into his space pod

Space: the final frontier. Or, as actor/daredevil Tom Cruise would call it, the office! With Cruise taking his show to the stars, as he plans to film a movie aboard the International Space Station, he’s going to have to train harder than he’s ever trained in his life. And part of the Mission: Impossible star’s training is, naturally, learning how to use the bathroom in zero gravity.

While his current obligation to the next two Mission: Impossible sequels is currently on hold, thanks to production being paused for the moment, that hasn’t stopped Tom Cruise from teaming with Space-X and NASA to make an action adventure film in the dark coldness of space. As such, TMZ reports that he’ll need to get used to strapping into a toilet in order to do his business in the Danger Zone, and training on Earth will prepare him for just that.

Tom Cruise’s NASA experience is bound to be one that’s extremely positive, and even well documented, if the space agency’s response is anything to count on. While it’s unknown what this “action adventure film” will entail, it’s no surprise that Cruise’s efforts would rack up such a cheerful response, as he’s had previous experience wowing the US Military.

As this December’s release of Top Gun: Maverick comes after decades of waiting, and the most intense cooperation between a film and the United States Air Force, getting Tom Cruise into space seems like the next step in the actor/madman’s climb to the heavens. Provided, of course, that Cruise can get the hang of voiding his bodily functions in a weightless environment.

Then again, this is the man who somehow made a broken ankle while filming Mission: Impossible – Fallout into a very usable take, and learned to fly as much as possible for his Top Gun: Maverick sequel. At this point, it feels like a matter of time until Tom Cruise announces his retirement from filmmaking… as he prepares to take a new position as the head of the United States Space Force. Provided, of course, he learns how to use the toilet properly on the International Space Station.

For now, we’ll just have to settle for a Cruise starring action film, actually made in the depths of space and brought back down to Earth for all to enjoy. As soon as we find out any further details about this starstruck romp, we’ll report them back here on CinemaBlend.

Meanwhile, Mission: Impossible 7 will debut in its rescheduled release date of November 19, 2021, with Mission: Impossible 8 being pushed in kind to November 4, 2022.

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