Frozen II Is Making Babies Cry, And There Are Videos

Elsa in Frozen II

Disney movies are designed to be fun for the whole family and, while that doesn't mean that there aren't some moments in Disney animated classics capable of terrifying small children, I'm not sure anybody would have guessed that Frozen II is leaving toddlers in tears. More interestingly, it's not the potentially scary earth giants or Anna's emotional breakdown that's causing the tears, it's Elsa singing "Into the Unknown."

More specifically, it appears to be "the voice" that Elsa hears and is responding to which prompts the song, that is causing kids to start crying. One mother posted video to Tik-Tok of her little one watching Frozen II, asking the question if this is something other moms are seeing.


And it turns out that, yes, this is something other parents are dealing with. It seems that the voice of AURORA, who provides the call that only Elsa hears, is causing small child breakdows. It's something about that particular sound, not necessarily that voice, as one mom shows that simply singing it to her kid herself elicits a similar response. This next video ends prior to the kid freaking out, but it's perfectly clear what's about to happen.


It's anybody's guess why little kids don't like this sound. Maybe something about the high pitch bothers them. Maybe it sounds like crying to them, causing them to have some sort of sympathetic reaction. While perhaps not a universal reaction, these anecdotal reports would appear to show that for some reason this response is something that a lot of babies cam have.

One assumes these are not the same kids who have been watching Frozen II on a nearly endless loop since it dropped on Disney+ a few weeks ago. The movie was released to the streaming service early as a gift to parents who now had their kids home following school closures. The movie became both blessing and curse, as the movie became so popular many kids watched the film over and over again until their parents went mad.

As the father of a toddler myself who has seen Frozen II more than a couple of times in the last few weeks, I have not witnessed this particular phenomenon. Although, I think mine might be slightly older than the little ones in these videos, so this might be a pretty age specific thing. Mine just gets a little scared of Marshmallow from the first Frozen.


Certainly, Disney movies, especially ones from the early days of the animation studio, have the ability to make kids cry. Movies like Snow White had some legitimately dark and terrifying moments. It's not a terrible thing that Frozen II is causing that reaction, even if it clearly was never the intent.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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