Watch Frozen II’s Full ‘Into The Unknown’ Sequence

Elsa in Frozen II

Frozen II is well on its way to following the original film into the box office record books. While the sequel is largely being considered to be not quite as good as the original Frozen, one area where the new movie is getting a lot of praise is the soundtrack, and now Disney has released the complete sequence for the big song "Into the Unknown" for all to see.

If you're somehow still on the fence about checking out Frozen II, then maybe what you need to do is really see what the movie has to offer. There's probably no better way than two check out one of the two major solos that Idina Menzel has in the movie. Go into the unknown with the new clip below.

"Into the Unknown" is the second of seven songs we hear in Frozen II and it's basically the one that sets the plot in motion. As we see here, Elsa is being haunted by a voice that only she can hear. She doesn't know where it's coming from or what it means, and she's torn between wanting to follow it, believing it likely means something and might help her understand herself and her power, and ignoring it, because to follow could mean risking the life she has finally found.

The first Frozen's biggest win may not have been at the box office but on the soundtrack, the entire thing is rock solid, but "Let it Go" became an absolutely massive song, largely because well, to be blunt, Idina Menzel, has an amazingly powerful voice. She gave the music her all it showed there.

It shows here as well. To be honest "Into the Unknown" is far from my favorite piece of music on the Frozen II soundtrack, but it's hard to not to get absorbed by it all the same simply because Idina Menzel is giving it her all.

Having said that, I think that, as a complete soundtrack, Frozen II might actually surpass the original. I don't think any of the individual songs, including this one, are quite going to break out the way "Let it Go" did, but as a complete package, the songs of Frozen II just resonate more with me. They're all winners.

It's great to get a clip like this online so early after the film's release. Most who are going to go to the theater have already seen the movie, and might like to relive part of it without having to pay for another ticket. For those few that might go see it, and have not yet, maybe this will help convince them, by showing off the song and the beautiful animation of the new movie.

Into the Unknown is also the name of an upcoming documentary series on Disney+, which will take a look behind the scenes of the making of the film. We're still waiting on a release date for that. It looks like Disney is holding off until Frozen II has finished its theatrical run, to help avoid spoilers.

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