Michelle Pfeiffer Has Been Spending Isolation Makeup-Free And Fans Are Loving It

Michelle pfeiffer looking good at age 62

Michelle Pfeiffer has been back on the scene in a big way over the past several years, starring in such major blockbusters as Murder on the Orient Express and Ant-Man and the Wasp. Now stuck at home like the rest of us, she’s on another break from acting and she’s choosing to spend that time engaging in makeup-free ways with members of her fanbase, who seem to be loving it.

Michelle Pfeiffer has been fairly active on social media since getting stuck at home. She’s shared throwback photos of roles and in addition makeup free looks at herself whilst home, such as the one below.

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It’s hard to believe Michelle Pfeiffer is 62 when she’s as fresh-faced with no makeup as the look above. She seems to be loving it, although maybe not the lockdown part, and her fans agree she looks great, making comments on Instagram such as “love the natural look, absolutely stunning” and “ahhh you’re so pretty.” One poster simply referred to the upcoming French Exit star as “Queen.”

In case you were interested in more no-makeup photos and celebrity pets, there’s also a newer one with her cat as well. I feel like there’s probably a Catwoman joke in there somewhere, but they pay me to write, not create comedy bits

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Regardless, Michelle Pfeiffer isn’t the only celebrity loving the makeup-free life during lockdown. Kelly Clarkson also notably received praise for going that route while filming live episodes of NBC’s The Voice. Going without makeup can help some people with their skin and has become a bit of a norm alongside wearing sweatpants to work, or if you’re Good Morning America’s viral employee, going pantsless.

A lot of celebrities are finding interesting and unique ways to engage with fans as they are off of work for a time. Pfeiffer has spent her time posting photos such as these, as well as thanking moms on Mother’s Day and thanking nurses and doctors for their work during this time (again a no makeup selfie).

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In the meantime, if you don’t care about celebrities going the makeup-free route during this time of stagnancy and frankly, way too much internet use, there are plenty of other ways celebrities have been amusing, including some antics from Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dwayne Johnson getting candid over cheat meals and Sebastian Stan looking like the Winter Soldier in a mask. Enjoy.

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