Confirmed, Sebastian Stan In A Social Distancing Face Mask Looks A Lot Like Winter Soldier

The Winter Soldier

While various parts of the country and the world have slowly begun to ease restrictions on business openings and general movement, everybody is being encouraged to wear some form of face covering if and when they go out in the world. Some people are making their own masks, other are just wrapping an old bandana around their nose, but none of us, it's safe to say, look as good as Sebastian Stan does right now.

Of course, a look at Sebastian Stan wearing a mask feels awfully familiar. An image he posted to Instragram showing off his new mask is going to instantly remind all MCU fans of The Winter Solder, because Stan looks a lot like he did in that movie here. Check it out.

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When we get our first real look at the villain of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he's wearing an almost complete face covering. Initially, it even includes goggles, but once he loses those, he's got a mask not unlike the one Sebastian Stan is wearing here. The actor's hair is shorter than it was in the film, but beyond that he could absolutely be ready to reprise his role as the Winter Soldier right now. Though he could use a dose of black eye makeup to really complete the look.

Of course, right now, we sort of all look like the Winter Solder when we go outside. Everybody is being encouraged to wear a mask as well as to follow social distancing protocols as we try to go about otherwise normal things like going to the store. Most of us probably don't look as awesome as Sebastian Stan does right now. Maybe if we did more people would wear masks.

We will see The Winter Solder again, though probably not looking like this. We haven't seen the character in the mask since he removed it during his battle with Captain America in his first movie. Since then he's fought without it. We haven't seen much in the way of images of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, the new Disney+ series that will continue his story. What we have seen actually shows that Sebastian Stan hair will be even shorter than it is in this picture, so he looks more like the classic Winter Soldier here than he will in the next chapter of the MCU.

Although, now I sort of want to see him put the mask back on because he looks pretty awesome. Maybe there's a chance down the road for a prequel story where we get to see the Winter Soldier be a villain again.

In the meantime, take Sebastian Stan's lead and put on a mask. We can all at least pretend that we look this good. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is currently set for a Fall 2020 release on Disney+.

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