Dwayne Johnson Just Revealed How Many Calories He Eats During Cheat Meals And I Wasn’t Ready

How much Dwayne Johnson eats during cheat meals

Even people who only casually follow the career of Dwayne Johnson know that The Rock is a very fit human. He spends a lot of time every day focusing on the gym and he’s made no bones about how hard he works at both fitness and keeping a healthy diet and mindset over the years. However, and that’s a big however with a capital “H,” he also has cheat meals quite frequently. Now he’s revealed how many calories he actually consumes during those times and honestly I’m still processing the information.

In a recent interview with Food and Wine Magazine to promote his popular Teramana Tequila brand, the actor sat down for a bit of a cheat meal with journalist Ray Isle and revealed he literally consumes 5,000 to 6,000 calories during one of these meals, which can involve foods like burgers and fries, sushi, desserts and a wide variety of other yummy foods. Oh, and tequila of course. He said:

I mean, Ray, just between us and I know the cameras aren’t rolling right now, I mean it’s like into the 5,000 and 6,000 [range].

Look, I knew the number was going to be high before I saw it come out of his mouth. Honestly, I’m not sure exactly what I was expecting, but 6,000 calories is a lot of calories, even for a dude who is 270.4 pounds of solid muscle and who is listed at 6’5” (which is taller, much taller than Olaf but not like NBA tall).

I remember stories running around a few years ago about all of the calories Michael Phelps was burning when he was in Olympic swimming training. The average amount he ate was something like 7,000 to 8,000 calories a day, so if Dwayne Johnson is putting in the work, I’d expect to keep his muscle mass up he’d need to eat a lot. Because it would take me multiple days to eat that many calories, it’s still an astonishing number.

Given his active nature on social media, particularly right now while Red Notice is shut down and he’s been working less due to events in the world, we’ve seen plenty of these cheat meals get filmed, so we know they happen weekly. Yet, Dwayne Johnson wanted to make it clear that he cheats and cheats regularly.

I do [cheat]. And just to be clear for everybody watching, occasionally meaning once or twice a week. I enjoy sharing [food posts] try to make it as fun as possible.

Unlike his love for sharing his cheat meals and talking about food, The Rock has not been sharing his workouts online, as he feels his access to a private gym is helpful for him, but not the best look when many of his fans have been dealing with the loss of workout equipment in their own lives.

The good news is that hasn't stopped him from talking about nearly everything else, including his family life, food and more. In regards to what he generally loves to eat during these cheat meals, he’s a big cookie fiend. In fact, hearing him talk about cookies makes it extremely clear the love for cookies knows no bounds.

I love cookies. OK well there’s two. I have chocolate chip, but the chips are milk chocolate. And then what I’ll do is a peanut butter with milk chocolate chocolate chips and a little bit of real peanut butter on top. It’s really good.

I know we’re all doing more baking these days, so if you’re looking to be like The Rock, now’s your chance. Just make a steak, add a tequila-based Old Fashioned and wrap with some good 'ol chocolate chip cookies and then you are all set. Although, I gotta say, maybe skip the eating until you hit the 5,000 or 6,000 calorie mark part.

Jessica Rawden
Managing Editor

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