6 DC Characters Chris Pratt Would Be Perfect To Play

Chris Pratt as Star-Lord in Guardans of the Galaxy

One could argue that Chris Pratt does not really receive enough credit for being a key element to recent reinvigorations in the superhero genre, considering the success of Guardians of the Galaxy had large part in inspiring the MCU to adopt a more comedic tone in its subsequent films. It does not seem like much of a coincidence that the DC movies also started to get less gloomy (well, for the most part) after this, which, in a way, justifies the idea that the Star-Lord actor could exist in both universes.

There was actually a time when the former Parks and Recreation star was rumored to be in consideration for Ben Affleck’s replacement in Matt Reeves’ The Batman before Robert Pattinson won the role. It is hard to say, however, how many people would have been able to take even that seriously given Chris Pratt has already shared the screen with an animated version of the Dark Knight in The LEGO Movie and its 2018 sequel.

Yet, as much as it is hard to imagine Chris Pratt playing a comic book character better than Peter Quill, he has given plenty more winning performances in other blockbusters that make him a good candidate to bring a few notable names into the DCEU as well. Six characters in particular come to mind.

Hal Jordan, one of the first to honor the Green Lantern mantle

Green Lantern

Having saved the galaxy twice already, Chris Pratt has made himself a pretty qualified candidate to be the next one to wear the all-powerful ring of infinite defense possibilities as part of an organization of intergalactic defenders.

Of course, there are different generations of Green Lantern fans, some who grew up with former pilot Hal Jordan (whom Ryan Reynolds portrayed in 2009 to less-than-stellar results) and others who prefer veteran Marine John Stewart, especially from the animated Justice League series. Many fans have already voiced their support of the idea for a buddy cop movie in which both Lanterns team-up, and it would be fun to see Pratt as Jordan and as Stewart, perhaps, his The Magnificent Seven co-star Denzel Washington?

Cursed 19th Century outlaw Jonah Hex

Jonah Hex

Speaking of The Magnificent Seven, Chris Pratt gives a surprising performance that rivals even the best western movie legends in Antoine Fuqua's 2016 remake as a good-hearted gunslinger with a few demons within. That being said, I would be interested to see how he could handle playing another 19th-Century outlaw whose "demonic" side is somewhat more literal, such as ghost whispering anti-hero Jonah Hex. While the grisly scarred Confederate Civil War veteran was given a fine portrayal by Jonathan Schaech on Legends of Tomorrow, the character's infamous cinematic debut starred Josh Brolin, who would probably be more than proud to see his Avengers: Infinity War co-star redeem Jonah Hex with a new interpretation on the big screen.

The Question on Justice League Unlimited

The Question

While The Magnificent Seven proved that Chris Pratt is equipped to lead a period piece, we have yet to see him take on something in the vein of a 1940s-style detective thriller (which we could, arguably, use more of these days). Yet, the actor is still closely tethered to science fiction (he plays a time traveling solider in the upcoming The Tomorrow War), so he should tread lightly into noir by with a character that crosses both genres, such as The Question: a former investigative journalist and expert martial artist who fights crime in the grossly corrupt Hub City. Not to mention a live-action depiction of the Steven Ditko creation, who protects his identity with a mask made from a substance that closely resembles human skin, would be one visually stunning treat, if pulled off well.

Christopher Chance, or Human Target

Christopher Chance

On the other hand, I could understand if DC would prefer Chris Pratt not have to hide his face to sell a movie and there does exist another character with whom he could pull off the badass human schtick and still maintain his bankable appearance. His name is Christopher Chance, who makes a living by pretending to be innocent people targeted by the world's top criminals, taking on the role of a "human target" - also the title of his DC comic.

Chance has popped up on TV numerous times, most recently in a pair of appearances on Arrow and most infamously a short-lived Fox series that gave the character a typical bodyguard role, which is why giving Human Target a gritty cinematic revival with Pratt as Chance, and without redefining the character's job description, would naturally be the right way to go with this overlooked property next.

Actor turned superhero Booster Gold

Booster Gold

Despite his reputation as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, Chris Pratt's acting versatility includes the ability to play a very convincing douchebag, if his role as James McAvoy's backstabbing best friend, Barry, in 2008's Wanted is any evidence. That, and his classic good looks, are just what he needs to finally give life to Booster Gold (the alias of attention-seeking, time-traveling businessman Michael Carter) on the big screen. Not to mention, playing character would also be the perfect opportunity for Pratt to bring his impeccable comedic timing to the Justice League.

Half-dinosaur, half-cop, Dino-Cop


Say what you want about the Jurassic World films, but Chris Pratt's performance as the otherwise typical white male protagonist Owen Grady is one of the franchises' biggest highlights, especially for his ability to see things from the perspective of the prehistoric creatures he trains for a living. The actor almost convinces you that he should play an actual dinosaur himself... so why not go for it? In an alternate timeline within the DC Comics multiverse, there exists a law enforcement officer named Dino-Cop (a part-dinosaur humanoid creature created by prolific comic book creator Grant Morrison), which may sound absolutely childish, but given the right tone and putting the character's reptilian mohawk on Pratt, the results could be mind blowing.

What do you think? Could the DCEU use Chris Pratt as any of these characters, or should he stick with guarding the galaxy? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for more updates on the MCU actor, as well as even more hypothetical comic book movie casting sessions, here on CinemaBlend.

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