6 Marvel Characters Kaley Cuoco Would Be Perfect To Play

Kaley Cuoco on The Big Bang Theory

Soon after The Big Bang Theory had its final curtain call in 2019, star Kaley Cuoco debuted her next big project: voicing the title character of DC Universe’s animated series Harley Quinn. It would not be surprising to learn that playing a character surrounded by comic book fans for twelve seasons proved to be very helpful in her preparation for the role. In fact, how has this experience not earned her a role in the Marvel movies yet?

Kaley Cuoco made a wonderful Wonder Woman (well, a wonderful Penny dressed as Wonder Woman for Halloween) on The Big Bang Theory and her voice performance as Harley Quinn has received much praise. Yet, like we can imagine most actors would like to, there is no reason why she cannot exist in both universes.

That being said, for every DC character that Kaley Cuoco has been imagined playing in a live action feature, there are plenty more characters she would be perfect to play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We will talk about just the six best for now.

Marvel's aquatic woman, Namora


You may have heard of Namor the Sub-Mariner, Marvel's less popular version of DC's Aquaman (despite debuting two years earlier), however, what you may not know is that the mutant/Atlantean hybrid also has a cousin of similar description named Aquaria Neptunia, but often referred to by a nickname synonymous with her famous relative, Namora. She can do just about all the basic aquatic stuff that Namor can (amphibious breathing, enhanced healing factor while submerged, and one hell of a back stroke), yet she practically proved herself to be more worthy of the superhero lifestyle upon their first meeting when Namor, initially reluctant to be in her presence, almost met a grisly fate if not for her help, which actually sounds like a great opening for an origin story. Why don't we skip the Namor movie and cast Kaley Cuoco to lead her own movie?

Black Cat from the Spider-Man Playstation game

Black Cat

In The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Felicity Jones starred as Felicia Hardy in the character's first and last time, thus far, being featured in a live action film, which is a shame because we never got to see her take on her alter ego, Black Cat. It may sound easy to assume this character is a ripoff of a certain feline-centric, thieving femme fatale from DC (especially with how her team-ups with Spider-Man have often teetered beyond strict professionalism), but if Cuoco is to take the role alongside Tom Holland as the far younger Peter Parker, it may be time to redefine the character quite a bit, such as an anti-hero inspired by the webslinger's good nature to put all her attention to the good side. In fact, it might be fun to see Peter become the one crushing on Black Cat, only to be reminded that he is already dating Zendaya's MJ.

Phyla-Vell as Martyr


Carol Danvers should face off with a villain who could really challenge her strengths, such as another intergalactic warrior of Kree origin who wants to take the Captain Marvel moniker for herself, which was, somewhat the agenda of Phyla-vell, Mar-vell's artificially created daughter, when first introduced to Marvel comics. Of course, the current Captain at the time was her brother, Genus, who had gone insane, so her intentions to usurp the title was not self-serving, yet she has been known to butt heads with some of her colleagues, such as the Guardians of the Galaxy under the name Martyr. Therefore, if Kaley Cuoco were to be cast as the white-haired, extremely powerful being, she has the chance to either be a temporary obstacle for Captain Marvel or send Star-Lord on a funny power trip at her disposal and either one sounds irresistible.

Louise Grant is The Blonde Phantom

Blonde Phantom

Kaley Cuoco has been playing modern women for her entire career, but never given the opportunity to play a 1940s femme fatale, which being cast as the Blonde Phantom could solve. Originally introduced into the comics during Marvel's golden age, the former secretary to a private detective who decided to take justice into her own hands as a masked vigilante could be the perfect way to bring another period piece with a noirish flair back into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On the other hand, the character has been reinvented for modern times as She-Hulk's partner in crime and, furthermore, now that Black Widow has passed away, the Avengers could use more women with badass skills that did not originate from a scientific experiment or an exploding spacecraft.

Enchantress in Thor: Tales of Asgard


Before you rush to the comment board to correct me, no, I am not referring to DC's witchy woman whom Cara Delevigne portrayed in 2016's Suicide Squad. I am referring to Amora, the ruthless Asgardian goddess who also goes by Enchantress and is known for her collaborations with the likes of Loki, the Mandarin, and other Marvel baddies, in addition to seducing men (either with magic or looks alone) into helping carry out her heinous schemes. I have mentioned a few characters already with questionable reputations, but none as sinister as this one and if Kaley Cuoco were to go full villain in a Marvel movie (which, in this case, would likely be a future Thor installment), I cannot think of a better role for her.

Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in X-Men: Days of Future Past


On second thought, there is this shapeshifting mutant, previously portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence under heavy blue makeup in the previous four X-Men films. Of course Mystique, born Raven Darkholme, is not a full-fledged foe, despite having struggled with where her loyalties lie in the past, but has fought alongside the X-Men and even has a comedic side that Kaley Cuoco could match perfectly. If you don't believe me, take her marriage to Deadpool as proof (say, why not make that her MCU introduction?).

What do you think? If you were Kevin Feige, would you be pitching any of these characters to Kaley Cuoco right now, or do you have anyone else in mind? Let us know in the comments and be sure to check back for more updates on the star of HBO Max’s upcoming The Flight Attendant, as well as more hypothetical comic book movie casting calls, here on CinemaBlend.

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