The Bill And Ted Face The Music Trailer Is A Perfect Blast Of Fun And Nostalgia

Bill and Ted Face the Music

Excellent? Or bogus? The jury currently is out on the upcoming sequel Bill and Ted Face the Music, but we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of our two favorite San Dimas saviors, who’ve been on two memorable adventures. The first official trailer for director Dean Parisot’s comedy just dropped, so be excellent to yourself and press play on the below clip:

Original Bill and Ted stars Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter have been circling a possible script for a third movie for years. They apparently cooked up a premise with screenwriters Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon that would catch up with the one-time Wyld Stallyns as they now trudge their way through adulthood. But their promise to write a planet-altering rock song remains unfulfilled, and it looks like the boys have some tasks to attend to.

There are a few key details we know about the movie that can be confirmed in the trailer. Bill (Alex Winter) and Ted (Keanu Reeves) have daughters. And their paths are going to cross with a handful of friends they encountered from their previous two adventures. Most notably? Death (William Sadler), who assisted the boys on their Bogus Journey. Station!

But primarily, from what is revealed in this short teaser, Bill and Ted are going to venture into the future. Which makes sense, since their original film took them through the past, so they could pass their end-of-year history presentation. They head to the future to steal the song that they, themselves, were supposed to write. And they find out that on some bizarre timeline, they end up looking like this:

Bill and Ted in the future

In addition to this new trailer, Bill and Ted Face the Music dropped this amazing poster, which harkens back to the classic telephone booth that Rufus (George Carlin) used to pick up the boys in front of the Circle K. The color scheme on this calls to mind Galaxy Quest, also directed by Dean Parisot, so that’s a good vibe.

Bill and Ted poster

And now, the questions arise. Bill and Ted Face the Music is scheduled to open on August 21. And the press release that we received from the distributing studio has that release date. But the trailer… did not. It said Summer 2020. Why does that matter? Because right now, theaters are closed, but there’s the potential of re-opening. And soon. Could Bill and Ted Face the Music hit that date? We’re optimistic. Stay tuned.

Sean O'Connell
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