Why Keanu Reeves And The Creative Team Were Finally Able To Make Bill And Ted 3

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter in Bill and Ted Face the Music

It's been almost 30 years since Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey, the sequel which, at the time, certainly felt like it would be the last Bill & Ted movie. There seemed to be interest in making another film even back then, but the idea never seemed to gain enough momentum to become anything. Still, fans of the franchise persisted, and writer Ed Solomon says that it really is because of those fans that Keanu Reeves, Alex Winter and everybody else were able to make Bill and Ted Face the Music in the first place.

Many movies are described as being made "for the fans," but often that phrase is used to explain away critical reviews that hit after a movie is released. However, Bill and Ted Face the Music writer Ed Solomon is being clear right up front, months before the film hits theaters, that this movie absolutely was made for the fans, because they're the reason the movie is happening at all. According to the writer...

But it is literally BECAUSE of the fans that we got this third movie made. And so we had them in mind from the beginning. We made this movie for two sets of people: ourselves, and the Bill and Ted fans. So in a way, yes, it's for them, but it's for us as well. I love the interconnectedness.

Ed Solomon spoke to ComicBook.com in support of the launch of Party On, which encourages fans to record themselves playing air guitar and send in the video. Some of the clips will then be used in some, as yet unspecified way, in Bill and Ted Face the Music, so fans can actually become part of the movie itself. Which is as great a "thank you" as you could have for the fans that made the movie possible.

While we've seen our share of sequels that come out years after the previous installment, Bill and Ted Face the Music might be unique in that it really embraces the fact that so much time has passed. The new film will see Keanu Reeves' Ted and Alex Winters' Bill as middle-aged dads who have thus far failed to become the world changing musicians that they were told they would be.

The movie will also see the return of William Sadler as Death and will introduce Bill and Ted's daughters. Brigette Lundy will play Billie Logan and Samara Weaving will play Thea Preston.

With Bill and Ted Face the Music set for an August release it seems that, at least for now, the movie is safe from being delayed. At this moment, major film releases are set to resume in mid-July. A delay would certainly be heartbreaking for those fans who have been waiting on the film for so long.

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