Happy Death Day 3? Jason Blum Offers Update On The Threequel

Jessica Rothe in Happy Death Day 2U

After the end credits of Happy Death Day 2U, fans have assumed there’s going to be a Happy Death Day 3. Even though the part-horror, part-comedy franchise has been generally greeted warmly by critics, it looked like it might be dead as a doornail. However, now, Jason Blum is offering an update on the threequel.

It’s technically only been a year since Happy Death Day 2U released. Still, fans have been eager to hear what’s going to happen with the franchise and if Jason Blum will continue moving forward with it. Turns out, there's a slight possibility Happy Death Day 3 could be moving forward. Jason Blum recently spoke with Yahoo! Entertainment about it. Here’s what he said:

Let me tell ya, I'm working overtime on it, believe me. I'm trying. Nothing official yet.

While he tacks on that nothing is official yet, it sounds pretty promising that something might actually happen with Happy Death Day 3. This comes as something of a surprise, considering last year he said that it’s not very likely Happy Death Day 3 is going to happen.

Even director Christopher Landon splashed some cold water on fans eager for more. He had been reading rumors swirling about another movie and shot those rumors down, saying that unless Netflix wants to pony up the cash, it’s not happening.

Still, that hasn’t stopped moviegoers from talking about the threequel. Earlier this year, Happy Death Day lead star Jessica Rothe talked a bit about the potential for a third movie, and her comments were very surprising. She said whether it’s now or five years or when Tree is 50-years-old, a la. Halloween Kills, they’ll eventually tell that story. Which, if they do wait around that long, it means Jessica Rothe will be waiting around for a long time to play Tree again.

If Jason Blum does pull the trigger on a third movie, director Christopher Landon has said he already has an idea. And, to crank it up a notch, he said the third one will be “bonkers” and hopes that people see the second one so he can make the third.

And therein lies the problem. While Happy Death Day was a critical and box office success, raking in $26 million on its opening weekend, the same can’t be said of Happy Death Day 2U, which made $9 million. Seemingly fewer people saw the sequel. So, it would make sense why Jason Blum wouldn’t be so eager to greenlight another.

But, perhaps the director’s bonkers idea was too good to pass up and Jason Blum decided to go for it? It’s hard to say either way, but this latest news does look like a hopeful step in the right direction for fans of the series. Whatever happens, the threequel practically demands to be called Happy Death Day Tree.

Jason Ingolfsland