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Universal Studios' Orlando's New Jason Bourne Stunt Show Includes A Character Who Died In The Last Movie

Julia Stiles in Jason Bourne

Theme parks are always looking to add new attractions to keep things fresh for the audience, and while most newly planned ideas have had to be put on hold, one new attraction isn't waiting for the theme parks to be back to full capacity, as Universal Orlando's Bourne Stuntacular live stunt show has now entered the technical rehearsal phase. And this means guests have had their first look at the show, which includes an appearance from a somewhat unlikely member of the Bourne film franchise, Nicky Parsons, as played by Julia Stiles.

Prior to the actual stunt show beginning, guests are given a briefing by Nicky Parsons on a screen where Julia Stiles herself warns guests that she's afraid Jason Bourne's latest mission may include rogue double agents, and so she needs help making sure that's not the case, The interesting thing about Julia Stiles appearing in the show is that, in the canon of the Bourne universe, Nicky is dead. She was killed early in Jason Bourne, the most recent film in the series.

Frequently, we see theme park attractions try to engage the audience by trying to make the ride or show part of the same universe as the films they're based on. According to Universal, that's not the case with the Bourne Stuntacular. This show isn't a prequel to Jason Bourne, but rather one that takes place outside of the films, so Nicky Parsons gets to be alive again. If you were one of the people that was sad to see Julia Stiles character die in the last movie, then it will be nice to see her get a chance to return.

Technically speaking, the new Bourne Stuntacular isn't "open" yet in the traditional sense. Rather, the rehearsals are now being done in front of a live audience and with all the stunt elements there to be enjoyed by the crowd. As such, there is no schedule for the show. Guests will have to simply hope that they wander by the stage at the right time when a rehearsal is ready to get underway.

In addition, because the of the current social distancing precautions being taken at Universal Orlando, the audience space won't be filled to capacity, and Universal team members will be assisting everybody with entering and leaving in order to keep proper distance between groups throughout the show.

No official opening date for the final version of the show was announced. Odds are that it will depend on greatly on the success of the technical rehearsal. If there are any problems discovered with the show things could be set back slightly, but if the rehearsal goes well, as it is almost certainly expected to do since it's being put in front of an audience. the first new attraction of the post-shutdown will likely be here soon.

Dirk Libbey
Dirk Libbey

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