The Batman: Robert Pattinson’s Workout Regimen Sounds Intense

Robert Pattinson in Tenet

The DC Extended Universe is a interesting place that consistently keeps the moviegoing audience on their toes. After Ben Affleck departed the role of Bruce Wayne following the disappointing performance of both Justice League and Batman v Superman, the shared universe was left without a Batman. But that will change with Matt Reeves' The Batman, which will introduce Robert Pattinson's version of the title character. And now we know exactly how the Tenet actor is getting physically ready for the role.

There's a ton of pressure that comes with taking on a comic book role, including your appearance. Characters like Batman and Captain America are known for their superhero physicality, with actors often forced to get ripped with a strict diet and fitness regimen. Robert Pattinson was in the middle of working out and filming when The Batman's production was shut down, and now we know exactly the workout he'd been doing to get in shape as Gotham's Protector.

The workouts used by Robert Pattinson for The Batman was recently revealed in a new installment of the magazine Healthy For Men (via Twitter). And there's a variety of exercises used in order to properly engage the 34 year-old actor's entire body. For instance, in order for Pattinson to get some Bat-abs, he does a circuit workout that includes side bends, multiple types of crunches including superman abs.

Outside of the gym, Robert Pattinson has also been doing sandbag routines on the beach. This sounds particularly grueling, given how the ever-moving sand makes it more of a chore to move and balance. He's also been boxing, which no doubt will factor into the myriad action sequences that The Batman will require of the actor.

As far as diet goes, it was reported that Robert Pattinson cut down on alcohol and processed and/or fried food. This would no doubt help him feel strong and have energy while filming The Batman's grueling hours, while also transforming his body into superhero shape. Although I have to say his diet seems far less strict than Kumail Nanjiani's during The Eternals.

Of course, it's unclear exactly how much Robert Pattinson has been following these guidelines and workout routines from isolation. Because while The Batman's Zoe Kravitz is staying in Catwoman shape from the comfort of her home, Pattinson previously admitted to falling off the wagon. While his food is provided for him by the studio, working out was his responsibility. And it sounds like he might need some help before production starts back up.

The Batman is currently set to arrive in theaters on October 1st, 2021. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

Corey Chichizola
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