Deadpool Fans Can Get Their Own Decapitated Head Of The Character And It Talks

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool

Are you a Deadpool fan who's always wanted a decapitated head of the character? Well, I have good news for you, my friend. That has now become a thing you can purchase with your own hard-earned money. And this isn’t any normal decapitated head toy, it’s a talking decapitated head. It's like Teddy Ruxpin if Teddy Ruxpin didn’t have a body.

From Hasbro Pulse, the Marvel Legends Deadpool’s Head is a premium electronic head that has over 600 sound effects and funny quotes, as well as several sensors. It can even connect to an app on your smartphone for greater control. If that sounds like everything you’ve ever wanted, then you can pre-order it for a cool $99.99. According to Hasbro’s website, it’ll ship on September 1.

A couple of things to note here for those of you getting a little too excited. First, Deadpool’s decapitated head talks, but it’s not Ryan Reynold’s voice, which is strange considering they’re practically synonymous at this point.

Also, this is most definitely not a kids toy. Hasbro warns this is 18+ and even notes in typical Deadpool candor, “This is not for kids, sweetie.” So, if you had the bright idea of throwing this under a Christmas tree for a child, maybe go with Hasbro’s lineup of Ant-Man toys instead?

In case you need to see the goods in action before making a purchasing decision, give the below video showing off the Deadpool head below.

For those of you who like to jump to conclusions and think this could be some kind of Marvel toy leak or something, you can stop right there. This is just a decapitated toy for Deadpool super fans. It’s not going to tell you the plot of Deadpool 3.

That’s not to say Marvel toy leaks haven’t happened before. Oftentimes they’re an inaccurate way to tell if something could be happening in a movie. Every now and then, though, they do have some validity, like Pepper Pott’s toy leak revealing her own suit of armor in Avengers: Endgame.

So what’s the deal with Deadpool 3 anyway? With the merger between Disney and 20th Century Fox long since finished, the future of Deadpool is relatively unknown. When last we heard, Ryan Reynolds was working on Deadpool 3, but creator Rob Liefeld has blamed Marvel for delaying it and attributes the Disney/Fox merger to killing the X-Force movie.

So for now, Deadpool super fans will have to turn to a decapitated talking head toy for their daily Deadpool fix. I mean, if you can push past hearing a voice that isn’t Ryan Reynold’s voice, deal with the uncanny nature of having a decapitated head sarcastically talking to you and maybe risk losing a few friends, then this Deadpool toy might be a solid buy. But you tell us, would you buy a toy like this? Let us know in the comments below!