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The Polar Express Film Financier Stephen Bing Is Dead After Jumping From Building

The Polar Express

Steve Bing isn't necessarily a name that a lot of people knew who weren't intimately involved in the inner working of Hollywood or politics, but he was a major force behind the scenes who used his wealth to make movies as well as support political causes he believed in. Now, there's an outpouring of support from all corners of both Hollywood and politics, as Steve Bing has died after jumping from a building.

Details are scarce but Deadline reports that Steve Bing apparently jumped from a building in Century City, CA around 1 PM yesterday afternoon. Authorities have yet to officially confirm that the person who jumped was Bing, but he matches the description of the victim, and it appears notifications have been made, as those who knew Bing are now responding publicly.

Steve Bing has an 18-year-old son with actress Elizabeth Hurley and Hurley took to social media to post a tribute to Bing who she says she had recently become close with once again, following their split around 2001.

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Steve Bing's career in Hollywood began in the mid-1980s when he helped developed the characters for the Missing in Action franchise starring Chuck Norris. He would go on to write the first sequel in that series. He also wrote the 2003 comedy Kangaroo Jack.

His primary focus in Hollywood would be as a producer and financier. Bing producer the Sylvester Stallone-led remake of Get Carter, 2015's Rock the Kasbah and several other films. He listed as producer on a documentary on the life of Jerry Lee Lewis, which is currently in production.

He was the chairman of Shangri-La Entertainment which helped finance both The Polar Express and Robert Zemeckis' follow-up Beowulf. Most recently it supported Kingsman: The Golden Circle. Bing also produced the Rolling Stones' concert movie Shine a Light. Mick Jagger also posted a remembrance of Steve Bing.

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Steve Bing was active politically as well. He gave freely to Democratic political candidates and organizations. In 2009, when former President Bill Clinton negotiated the release of a pair of American citizens from North Korea, Steve Bing provided the plane that was used and reportedly covered the cost of the trip. Bill Clinton responded the news of Bing's death as well.

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The number of people reacting to Steve Bing's death shows just how far-reaching his influence was in life. From Hollywood to music to politics Bing touched the lives of many other people who were impacted positively from that relationship. Our hearts go out to those who knew Steve Bing and will miss him.

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