Justice League’s Henry Cavill Shares Hopes Of Playing Superman Again

Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman in Man of Steel (2013)

The “will he or won’t he” saga of Henry Cavill’s tenure has Superman has been filled with twists and turns. Thankfully, there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, as Cavill is reportedly preparing to reprise his role in upcoming projects. While the exact circumstances regarding his return have yet to be revealed, the actor is now opening up about his hope for playing the role down the road.

Henry Cavill recently reflected on his journey as the Man of Steel so far and stressed that he’s always been a fan of the character. And not only has he enjoyed his time in the role, but it sounds like he’s hoping to play him for a while:

I’ve always been a fan of Superman. With a character like that, you carry the mantle with you off set. And it becomes part of your public representation. When you meet children, children don’t necessarily see me as Henry Cavill, but they might see Superman, and there’s a responsibility which comes with that. Because it’s such a wonderful character, it’s actually a responsibility I’m happy to have, and I hope that I get to play more of Superman in years to come.

The DC Extended Universe star only had good things to say about the role when discussing it with fellow superhero alum Patrick Stewart on an installment of Variety’s Actors on Actors. Henry Cavill would go on to explain that the role has not only affected the trajectory of his career but also his mindset as a person:

He’s so good, he’s so kind, and when you start to compare yourself to him, because you’re playing him, you start to really look inwards. You say, ‘Am I a good person? Can I be a good enough person to play Superman?’ And if you ever hear a whisper in there which is like, ‘Hmm, hold on a second. Maybe not,” then you adjust it, and you make sure you are a better person. I think that’s all we can do in life.

Like Robert Downey Jr. or Chris Evans, it can certainly be said that Henry Cavill truly embodies the spirit of his superhero character. While Man of Steel was initially polarizing when it released in 2013, Cavill’s performance received generally positive responses from fans and critics alike, and the love for his rendition of Supes has only grown with time.

Cavill’s desire to remain in the role of Superman is surely music to fans’ ears and bodes well for the DCEU moving forward. Yet there is still the matter of when and where he’ll actually appear. There are a few prime options for him in upcoming DC films though, like many fans, Cavill is hoping the character will eventually fly into another solo film.

Whatever the case, it’s just good to know that Henry Cavill is more than happy to keep playing Superman for the foreseeable future, and it’ll be exciting to see where he pops up next.

You can check out some of Cavill’s big-screen Superman performances by streaming them on HBO Max.

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