365 Days Viewers On TikTok Just Found Out About Netflix's Love And Are Recording The Best Reactions

Gaspar Noe's Love before sex scene

Netflix’s Love was a relatively unknown movie that’s been available on the streaming service for some time. It’s opening scene –and minor spoilers obviously -- features full-frontal nudity from a man and woman seemingly enjoying themselves in the bedroom and now, following the success of Netflix’s intimate 365 Days, reactions regarding the movie’s opening scene have gone viral on TikTok. In fact, thanks to a viral request from one 365 Days watcher, people are all over this other Netflix movie.

The opening scene is so graphic that I couldn’t even consider using it as a top image in this article. It’s rated TV-MA on the streaming service, and if you are familiar with the Gaspar Noé movie, you may already know the sex scenes are unsimulated in the 2015 film, which was originally also released in 3D.

Now TikTok’s gotten the memo, as user Shelby Stotler recorded herself watching the opening scene to the movie and her reaction quickly went viral. You can see her request to 365 Days fans and her reaction to Love below.


TikTok reactions can sometimes be pretty solid, and while this one works for me, I also really enjoy how she compares Love to the movie 365 Days. Other than the sexual intensity, the two movies really have nothing tonally in common and Love is more of an arthouse flick whereas 365 Days is not. But this does seem to be starting a trend of people recording their reactions to Love’s opening scene, which is only one of many sex scenes in the film. This obviously has prompted some other people to check out what all of the hullabaloo is about including this similar video:


I don’t feel I probably need to spell this out again, but I’ll go ahead and do it. There’s extremely graphic nudity in Love, including showing an ejaculating penis. Despite presumably understanding this going in, some TikTok users still say “it’s a trap.”


But it’s not just the ladies who are getting into this TikTok movement. Some men also seem honestly surprised by the opening scene. And how could you not. The movie opens up on a surprisingly graphic shot. It doesn't ease in at all, it's more of an, "Oh hello," moment.


And perhaps my favorite random dude’s reaction is this one. He’s so stoic and then he’s so wildly surprised when the movie finally comes on.


To note, don’t confuse Love the French-set movie from Gaspar Noe with Love the Netflix series. Love the TV series stars Gillian Jacobs from Community and is executive produced by Judd Apatow. Both are available streaming on Netflix right meow.

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