Cameron Diaz Reflects On What It’s Like To Quarantine With A New Baby

Carly (Cameron Diaz) looks surprised during a scene from 'The Other Woman'

The recent quarantining hasn’t been easy on anyone. However, it’s posed an extra challenge for many parents -- including new moms like Cameron Diaz. The actress just got real about what it’s been like to get used to having a baby at home during these unprecedented times.

Cameron Diaz gave birth to her daughter, Raddix, at the very end of 2019, and shared the happy news with fans in early January 2020. Just a couple of months later, the recent health crisis forced most of the world into some form of lockdown -- not exactly what anyone would hope for in their first few months as a new parent. It sounds like even Diaz and husband Benji Madden ended up having to make some big changes to how their day-to-day lives operated as a result, as she noted on Instagram.

It’s crazy. We did it all on our own as well from the very beginning. We had a night nurse for a few weekends before any of this happened, but just like for the weekends just to get some sleep. And we haven’t since. It’s amazing to be able to spend the time, but my little one just started rolling over. So right now, you can put yours down and leave her, but you can’t just leave her on the bed while you do your calls. But yeah, it’s really wild.

Despite the unexpected craziness of raising a newborn during a pandemic, Cameron Diaz has tried to find a silver lining in the situation. That includes recognizing how lucky she and Benji Madden are to be able to spend so much time with their daughter:

Also this time to focus on her, that you don’t have to go into work, that you can work from home. I mean obviously, there’s maternity leaves but being able to actually be with her. What I’m finding with my daughter is like, wow. I get to have this really focused time with her and her dad gets to be home too. He’s like here he gets to pop in and out all day long, where otherwise he’d be at the office. It’s so nice.

With this little glimpse into her world, Cameron Diaz joined a whole host of other celebrities who’ve given us updates about their own experiences in quarantine in the past few months. Unlike some of her counterparts, who’ve lamented the fact that they’ve had to take a break from work, the actress hasn’t taken on a movie role since 2014’s Annie. She’s alluded to the fact that she seems to be happy taking a step back from the spotlight. Still, it’s good to hear she and her family are doing well, and have made the most of their time together.

Katherine Webb