Someone Made Frozen II Characters Into Marvel Superheroes, And I Can’t Look Away

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It's no secret that fans love to take their ideas for who should play certain iconic superheros, put pen to paper (or, stylus to screen) and see those ideas realized in art work which shows all of us just how cool their casting could be in real life. But, such is also the case when fans look at two franchises which seem only vaguely related and decide to smoosh some of our favorite characters together. This is exactly what's happened now with the characters from Frozen II and Marvel's big screen universe, as an enterprising artist has merged Anna, Elsa, and the gang with The Avengers, and I really can't look away.

Anna and Elsa have been through a lot during their two Frozen adventures, but I bet most of us never looked at the sisters and thought, "These two ladies could totally be members of The Avengers!" Luckily for us, French artist Samuel Cheve has all the vision we don't, because he made the awesome decision to see what our favorite Frozen II characters would look like in costume as a few of The Avengers team, posted them to Instagram, and...well, just see for yourself if you can't get over the results:

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Um, excuse me! Where is this Black Widow movie? Sure, the live action version has been delayed (for obvious, terrible reasons) until November 6 of this year, and we all still want to see that really badly, but I would legitimately sign up for Disney+ and pay for five years up front with the promise of Black Widow: Annatasha hitting my screen at some point during that time frame. Just look at what a sleek badass our girl is. Turns out that those cloaks and long dresses weren't doing her sartorial justice at all.

While it makes total sense to give Black Widow to Anna (she is a redhead without superpowers, after all), don't be fooled into thinking that her sister queen who happens to already be imbued with some fierce power was left out of this wonderful experiment. Oh no, folks. We got your Avenging Elsa, all right. We've got her right here:

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Woooo, boy! Elsa as Scarlet Witch...sorry, Scarlet Whitish, is, yet again, a force to be reckoned with, amirite? Who knew how apt her natural facial expressions while using her ice powers would be during this change in character? I have to say, she looks good in red. I can certainly see her mixing it up with her lost love in WandaVision. The series already takes inspiration from several different eras of TV comedies, they can certainly just add a whole section that's animated and give Wanda a teensy makeover during the process. I'd watch it, and I think you know you would, too.

One of the things that's really good about looking at these character transformations is that it gives us something to do while we wait for Marvel to come up with a plan for the Avengers team as a whole, post-Endgame. And when I say "come up with," I really mean "reveal to the masses," because there's no way that the movies currently on the docket won't, in some way, lead us to a new iteration of The Avengers, even if we have to wait a decade to see it completely come to fruition on screen.

Now, I know what you're wondering: "What about Kristoff?!" Never fear, Frozen II fans, because it would seem that this artist is incapable of letting us down. Prepare to be amazed:

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Kristhor Odisneyson!! You know what? I don't think there's any way to beat that. Lookin' good, Kristoff!

You can head over to Samuel Cheve's Instagram to see even more amazing character mashups. But, if you're looking for the latest in movie news, including the ever-changing release calendar, be sure to stick with CinemaBlend!

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