Katherine Schwarzenegger Reveals One 'Blessing' Of Quarantining With Husband Chris Pratt

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Something that pretty much everyone does now when talking to someone for the first time, or for the first time in a long time, is ask how that person has been doing with...everything. The past several months have been rough in a lot of ways for pretty much everyone, and between the toilet paper shortages and inability to go out and do even the most basic things without covering half of our faces, we've all also had to deal with quarantine. Luckily, though, Katherine Schwarzenegger has found a "blessing" in all of this extended time with husband Chris Pratt.

Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt's romance has been on the fast track the past couple of years, with the duo marrying in June 2019, after about a year of dating, and then announcing their first child together in April of this year. Being a newlywed can be tough enough, but being a newlywed while expecting a baby and having to deal with the conditions of a pandemic is even harder. But, Schwarzenegger says that she's been able to find some true bright spots while quarantining with Pratt, as she told Entertainment Tonight:

I've been baking a lot, and I would say my husband's been cooking a lot. I've been baking this granola, which I get the most requests from my family to make. I would say a huge amount of our time is definitely spent in the kitchen.

Awwww. I have to admit, when Katherine Schwarzenegger said she'd spent a lot of time baking, my mind immediately went to things which I would consider far more satisfying than granola. Brownies, pies, bars, cakes...I don't know. Can a sister get a cookie, Katherine?

Well, I suppose I'm looking at quarantine baking from the perspective of a person who will not (at some point, hopefully soon) be returning to work as a major motion picture action star, so I guess granola does sound more like the order of the day when it comes to baking. Mr. Pratt has to keep that core engaged at all times, lest he have a flabby mountain to climb once filming resumes.

At any rate, getting family requests for granola seems like a big deal to me, because, honestly, who really loves granola? So, while Schwarzenegger also noted during her interview that she's been doing a lot of cleaning and organizing, especially in the kitchen, it sounds like she's already got Top Chef level granola skills.

You might have noticed that while Schwarzenegger is handling the baking, Chris Pratt is the man with the plan when it comes to cooking the meals, and has been handling a lot of that for the couple during lockdown. This makes a lot of sense, because, as mentioned prior, he and most other film and TV stars (particularly the ones whose work depends on them being as physically fit and healthy as possible) are likely looking to stay in shape as much as they can during this unexpected down time. And, we all know you can't do that super easily if you're eating crazy stuff all the time.

Katherine Schwarzenegger also copped to not being the best at cooking, so one of the positives for her in quarantine has been getting to up her game in that area, thanks to her husband:

For me, learning a lot. For Chris, teaching me a lot. It's been really fun. It's like a silver lining to be able to get more experience in the kitchen, and also be able to spend time with your loved ones in this quarantine. So, it's been a fun part of it.

Ah, you can't really beat that kind of positivity right now, can you? Chris Pratt has several movies coming up once filming resumes and theaters reopen, so be sure to stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more news on that front, as well as the arrival of little baby Schwarzepratt!

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