Hugh Jackman Shares Adorable Video From Original X-Men Set For The Movie’s Anniversary

Logan in the original X-Men

Over the past decade of filmmaking, superhero movies have quickly become one of the most profitable and popular genres in the film world. But prior to cinematic universes becoming commonplace, there was 20th Century Fox's X-Men franchise. The property made its debut with the 2000 original movie, which made Hugh Jackman a household name. Jackman retired from the role of Wolverine with James Mangold's Logan, and recently shared a set photo from the OG X-Men movie to celebrate its anniversary.

X-Men hit theaters July 14th 2000, with today marking the movie's whopping 20th anniversary. Bryan Singer's blockbuster was a star making moment for Hugh Jackman, who would go on to play his character for a whopping seven movies, in addition to a few cameos. But it all started with the OG X-Men, and now Jackman has released an adorable set photo that is sure to inspire some nostalgic feels from the generations of fans out there. Check it out below.

I mean, how can you not love Hugh Jackman? While working on his nerve-wracking job in the first X-Men movie, it's clear that he was still game to have some fun. Even if that includes a punching match with a Wolverine action figure. At least one of them wore the character's iconic yellow suit.

This video comes to us from the official Twitter of Hugh Jackman. Jackman is a consistently delightful presence on social media, especially his ongoing feud with Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds. And while he's hung up the claws for good, Jackman is still happy to reminisce about his time as Wolverine, especially during milestone anniversaries like X-Men's 20th birthday.

As Hugh Jackman's post indicates, he didn't have a ton of time to prepare for X-Men. As such, the actor had only a few months to get into the best shape possible and do the research necessary to portray such a beloved comic book character. His physical appearance is certainly different than the Logan we know and love, as Jackman got insanely ripped for his other appearances in the superhero franchise.

While his name is now synonymous with Wolverine, Hugh Jackman was originally worried that he'd be fired from his now iconic gig in the original X-Men movie. The 51 year-old actor/ husband and father has since come to the realization that his own nerves were the enemy, with his performance hindered by self-doubt. Of course, we all saw how well Jackman ultimately took to Logan.

The X-Men franchise as we know it seemingly ended with Dark Phoenix, which had a disappointing performance at the box office. Disney has since acquired 20th Century Fox and all of its properties, and that includes the X-Men. Moviegoers are eager to see if/when the team of mutants return to theaters, and if they finally crossover with the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe.

And if the X-Men do make their silver screen comeback, Marvel Studios will likely have to recast a new actor in the role of Wolverine. Whoever they land on had very big shoes to fill, as Jackman played the character with ferocity and heart. Hardcore comic fans are hoping that the next Logan is shorter, and therefore closer to the character's appearance on the page.

CinemaBlend will keep you updated on all things X-Men as details become public. In the meantime, check out our 2020 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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