Hugh Jackman Reveals Why He'd Be Terrible In A Celebrity Scandal

Hugh Jackman in Bad Education

Celebrity scandals are sadly a little too common these days and can cause all sorts of problems. Still, plenty of Hollywood stars are able to keep their house in order and avoid the usual career-ending consequences that come with scandals. One of these stars is Hugh Jackman, who has kept things copacetic during his long career, but also admits he would be terrible in a celebrity scandal.

Though Hugh Jackman has played all sorts of rough-around-the-edge and morally ambiguous-type characters, like Wolverine and his latest role as Frank Tassone in HBO’s Bad Education, in real life, he’s considered one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. According to NewsCorp (via Daily Mail), he wouldn’t do too well if he was involved in a celebrity scandal. Here’s what Jackman said:

I don't think I'd be very good with scandal. I think if I did get into trouble, I would not have a cool head about it. And look, I don't get hassled a lot by paparazzi, and I certainly don't live behind a big, high wall in a secluded way. I just never had the issues that a lot of very famous people have

Indeed, Hugh Jackman has a long reputation for keeping things together even under the hardest times. Once on the set of Les Misérables, the director put all the actors through a grueling day and Anne Hathaway said she saw Hugh Jackman “lose his shit.” Here’s what she added:

I knew I had to say something so I said, 'Are you okay man?' Hugh drew in a ragged, powerful breath, locked his gaze on mine and said through gritted teeth, 'Annie, it's a lot.' That's it, that's the worst behavior I have seen from Hugh Jackman.

Perhaps the closest Hugh Jackman has gotten to any kind of celebrity scandal is with the hilariously long and totally wholesome feud between him and Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds. It's a feud supposedly started all because of Scarlett Johansson and has been going off and on for many years now, with probably no end in sight.

So how does Hugh Jackman do it? Well, when he’s not traveling around the world and working on Broadway or movie sets, Jackman stays out of trouble at home with his wife and kids, ironing clothes, watching TV and playing backgammon, apparently. Shocking!

Though Hugh Jackman did say in a recent interview that he's had a little too much free time due to current events, and that with nothing to do, it has been challenging since he’s a “worker." So to stay busy, he tries to do what he can as an actor to work from home, which sounds like listening tons of music and working on dance numbers. In effect, taking a break from work is the most challenging thing for Hugh Jackman.

It’s a good thing that Hugh Jackman stays out of trouble too, unlike the many roles he plays, so we can all see him out the stellar performances he's known for. Here’s hoping he can just stick to adorable feuds with Ryan Reynolds and leave it at that.

Jason Ingolfsland