Keanu Reeves' Girlfriend Alexandra Grant Asks For Restraining Order From Actor's Stalker

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Keanu Reeves may be the Internet’s boyfriend, but sometimes being adored by members of the public can have unintended consequences. Reeves is alleged to have a 67-year-old stalker named Cathryn who is obsessed with the star and his personal life. She recently set her sights on the actor’s girlfriend, artist Alexandra Grant, as well. Now, Grant’s seeking a restraining order against the other woman.

In new court documents filed (obtained via The Blast), Alexandra Grant notes that harassment has been undergone for months following the news she and Keanu Reeves were linked after they appeared together on a red carpet.

The harassment commenced after petitioner was romantically linked to world-famous actor Keanu Reeves, with whom Respondent is disturbingly obsessed. Mr. Reeves is aware and included in Respondent’s numerous social media ‘hate accounts,’ which are comprised of literally thousands of posts.

The months-long harassment Ms. Grant has undergone has reportedly come in many forms. She claims there has been physical stalking along with the cyber stalking mentioned above. Alexandra Grant is a prominent artist in her own right and commands an Instagram following of more than 91,000 individuals. However, she says the harassment has come from Cathryn due to her connections to John Wick actor Keanu Reeves.

In addition, the Cathryn listed in the court documents is alleged to already have a criminal record, including several felony counts. Because of this, Grant is asking the court order to cover a writ that will keep Cathryn at least 100 yards away from her, including her home and workplace. Alexandra Grant says this is necessary because the woman has trespassed on her property and other places she frequents.

Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves have reportedly been in a relationship for some time, though rumors about them planning to marry have been debunked. The two have been fairly low key even once it was revealed they were dating, and Grant has only really said she’s hoping to use the newfound publicity “for good.” Her platforms often cover activism topics along with art, so having a higher profile could help with that.

Celebrities are often dealing with some of the unusual trappings of fame, including attracting unwanted attention from unstable personalities. We've seen this over and over again with famous men and women, including Taylor Swift, Jennifer Lopez and more. However, this news is a good reminder that celebrity has fallout even for people tangentially related to fame. Here’s hoping everything works out for Alexandra Grant. Grant says she believes Cathryn is “delusional and obsessive” and that type of personality can be both “alarming” and “annoying” to deal with in the long-term.

We'll keep you updated as the request moves through the court system, though temporary orders may have already been granted. Meanwhile, Keanu Reeves is getting back into the limelight, as The Matrix 4 has reportedly resumed filming.

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