Another Taylor Swift Stalker Has Been Arrested

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Taylor Swift is dealing with another stalker situation. As it is being reported today, the pop singer has found another obsessed fan arrested after they traveled across several states in order to reach Swift's Beverly Hills mansion. As you can imagine, this incident isn't the first Swift stalker situation.

TMZ reported on this newest stalker story. On Saturday, law enforcement officers were called to Taylor Swift's residence after security noticed a suspicious man in front of the musician's property. Once the police reported on the scene, the stalker was revealed to be a 38-year-old gentleman who drove all the way from Colorado to meet the pop star. Apparently, the "Look What You Made Me Do" chart-topping singer wasn't home at the time. When the police searched the man's car and later interviewed him, the authorities had enough probable cause to arrest him and charge him with felony stalking. As of this reporting, the arrested stalker currently remains in custody. Additionally, the authorities are issuing an emergency protective order to keep him away from Taylor Swift.

As it was noted earlier, this scary stalker situation isn't the first Taylor Swift has been forced to deal with in recent months. Earlier this month, another stalker was sentenced to three days in jail -- along with three years of probation -- after he attempted to scale the wall of Taylor Swift's spacious mansion. It is, evidently, a stressful month for the pop singer -- at least, when it comes to some of her... shall we say, more persistent fanboys of late. If that weren't enough drama, there was also another guy a few months back who believed he was her husband. To make it worse, that particular stalker had a gun too. Very scary stuff.

Of course, while Taylor Swift is dealing with some fans who love her maybe a little too much, the pop singer is also still dealing with some haters too. That is mainly referring to Katy Perry. While Perry has tried to bury the hatchet between the two superstars, it still seems like there's some, ahem, bad blood between them. At least, that's what Katy Perry suggested on a recent episode of American Idol when Katy threw some major shade at T. Swift. If that weren't enough, Swift might've gotten on the bad side of Lorde too, though it's worth noting that Lorde apologized for her remarks towards Taylor.

There's also, you know, that feud between Kanye West/Kim Kardashian West too. If that weren't enough, Swift apparently inspired a villain character in Blade Runner 2049. As good as that acclaimed sci-fi blockbuster was, that's not exactly something you want to hear about yourself. But who knows?

In any case, it's never a dull day in the (mostly) glamorous life of Taylor Swift. Hopefully, however, she's learning to deal with all her dangerous stalkers.

Will Ashton

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