Jack Black Brings Back Nacho Libre For Brand New COVID PSA

Nacho Libre Jack Black leaping into action in costume

In turbulent times like these, heroes are most definitely needed. And sometimes, the simplest of noble acts can be seen as heroic. So leave it to cultural icon/actor/hero Jack Black to invoke a persona similar to that of of his beloved character Nacho Libre to inspire the world in a timely COVID-19 PSA. Watch Black’s mighty call to action, courtesy of his short, but sweet ad below:

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While it’s not exactly a Nacho Libre PSA that’s being shown on Jack Black’s Instagram page, there are a lot of similarities to the character in this new pro-mask PSA. Using a blue mask and bathing suit with a red cape, Black has taken to the internet to remind people that wearing face masks while in public saves lives. And then, after giving the public a stern, but heartfelt reminder that #YourActionsSaveLives, Jack Black strikes a hero pose and takes a running jump into his swimming pool.

It’s a combination of swagger and silliness that reads very much like the same sort of quirk Jack Black brought to Nacho Libre’s 2006 release. Only this time, instead of playing the role of Ignacio, the wannabe luchador with a heart of pure gold, we get 100% pure Jables Supreme, donning a mask to help stop the pandemic that’s made 2020 a bit of a sinkhole when it comes to world events and entertainment offerings.

Though this PSA certainly wouldn’t hurt the odds of resurrecting Ignacio and the Nacho Libre legacy. As we all know, Jack Black is up for a sequel to director Jared Hess’ offbeat wrestling comedy. Celebrities are also taking to all sorts of platforms to spark hopes for similar efforts, so this act of kindness could be the key to getting Black back into the spandex and luchador mask for a second time.

At the very least, it’s cool to see a celebrity internet video that isn’t inspiring some sort of cringeworthy reaction to the world we’re living in today. Though this does remind us of that other pandemic video that Jack Black took part in, which is much sillier, but just as entertaining as the COVID-19 PSA we’ve provided above:

So long as the world keeps social distancing, washing its hands and wearing its masks, the pandemic we face today can be gone tomorrow. And when that happens, Nacho Libre 2 could not only be a distinct possibility, but that hypothetical film could be something you’d see in a theater near you. In a time when those last four words bring massive comfort and nostalgia, it’s best we all heed Jack Black’s words and do our part to make sure cinematic nights out continue to be part of a brighter tomorrow.

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