Looks Like Netflix Isn’t Done With The Kissing Booth Franchise Just Yet

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The Kissing Booth is clearly one of Netflix's most popular film series, simply by virtue of the fact that it has received a sequel when other high profile Netflix titles, like Bright are still sitting in sequel limbo. The Kissing Booth 2 only just hit Netflix this past weekend, but fans of the franchise already have another film to look forward to, because not only is The Kissing Booth 3 officially confirmed, but it will be on Netflix sooner than you think because, as it turns out, it's already been filmed.

Star and executive producer Joey King revealed during a recent Kissing Booth fan livestream (via Deadline) that a third Kissing Booth movie was actually shot alongside the second film and is currently in post-production with plans to release the third film sometime in 2021. The film will follow Elle as she decides where to go to college, and whether to follow best friend Lee or boyfriend Noah into academia.

Certainly, fans of The Kissing Booth will be thrilled to know that not only is another film on the way, but that's very close to coming out. If the movie had to go into production now, who knows when it would actually be in a position to do that. More than likely it was a simple financial decision that led to making the two films together. As fairly simple rom-coms, The Kissing Booth films aren't exactly expensive movies to produce, and making the two films together would be cheaper than making them separately.

However, in a bit of luck, which is something few other film productions have had recently, the decision to make the two movies together ends up giving Netflix a movie the streaming service can release next year when it would otherwise have to wait.

Even if the popularity of the series began to dwindle, it still makes sense to go ahead and make the third movie when you can piggyback on the second one. Besides, this is Netflix where box office receipts aren't the ultimate goal. For every person who might give up on the franchise by the time of The Kissing Booth 3, there's likely to be another who doesn't even start the series until the third one comes out, and that person is going to use, and therefore keep, their Netflix subscription thanks to the original content.

One wonders if we might see more movies filmed together like this going forward. While it's happened before with blockbusters like the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and The Matrix and is happening right now with Avatar, depending on how productions are able to move forward, it might make more sense for films to try and do more filming with what time they have.

Dirk Libbey
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