Netflix’s The Kissing Booth 2 Trailer Brings Back The Streaming Romantic Comedy

The Kissing Booth 2 Joey King removing her blindfold in surprise

Young love is a very complicated thing, especially if it happens to spawn a series of books and movies that the world is absolutely over the moon for. So it should be no surprise that Netflix’s The Kissing Booth 2 is about to give Joey King’s Ellle a lot to think about when it comes to who she’s meant to be with. Which is especially true when you consider the complications that are about to arise in her personal life, which you can get a taste of in the first trailer for the Netflix sequel:

After the events of The Kissing Booth saw Elle (King) and her boyfriend Noah (Jacob Elordi) heading into a summer of love, the pair are now trying to make it work on a long distance basis. As Elle’s embarking on her senior year of High School in California, and Noah’s starting out at Harvard, it’s going to be difficult, but it feels doable. At least, until the OMG clique starts to sow the seeds of doubt, Lee (Joel Courtney) begins to take Elle’s thoughts of going to Harvard herself to heart, and a new heartthrob named Marco (Taylor Perez) enters the picture.

You can kind of see how The Kissing Booth 2 is going to be doubling down on the trials and perils that author Beth Reekles has laid down for the characters of her YA franchise. That’s everything that’s happening before the return of the fundraising exercise that gives the film its name decides to rear its head again, and in this new round of booth action, Elle is tasked with netting Marco as the prime kisser for the booth.

Out of the many genres that Netflix has experimented with in its original content, it seems that romance is still a pretty big draw to their subscriber base. Be it the charms of YA series like To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before and The Kissing Booth, or even the steamier enchantments of a film like 365 Days, the streaming giant certainly knows what its audience likes. And apparently, one of those things the folks at home really like, is kissing.

Naturally, there’s a lot of sweet comedy and conflicting emotions that’ll go into The Kissing Booth 2’s overall plot, so it’s not like the whole thing is going to be just a smooch fest. But it’s nice to know that, with current events being what they are, audiences aren’t afraid to take some time out of the worries they face and enjoy a little romantic comedy to brighten up the night. Of course, that all depends on who you’re rooting for in the quest to win Elle’s heart. Which is something we’ll all discover the results of when The Kissing Booth 2 debuts on July 24th, only on Netflix.

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