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Dolph Lundgren and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dolph Lundgren has made plenty of notable celebrity friends over the years, especially when it comes to his fellow action film veterans. Some of the actors he’s closest to are former co-stars Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the three try to show each other love whenever possible. So with Schwarzenegger’s birthday having just passed, Lundgren paid tribute to the Terminator star with a very funny story.

In an Instagram post, Dolph Lundgren wished Arnold Schwarzenegger a happy birthday and reflected on some of his favorite moments with the Austrian-born actor. One of these took place while Lundgren was training for his role in Rocky IV. The actor was trying to rest while his then-girlfriend, Grace Jones, was partying, but someone wouldn’t let him get some shut-eye:

I’ve known Arnold since before I was in the film business. Met him on the set of Conan The Destroyer in 1983, when I was still a fighter and engineering student. Next time we met, I was training for Rocky IV, trying to get some sleep while my girlfriend Grace Jones was having the usual party at my house. There was a knock on my door at midnight and when I yelled: ’Who the hell is it?’ The response came: ‘It’s your trainer! I’m here to check your abs!’ When I opened the door, There he was - a big smile on his face, smoking a fat Cuban cigar.

Now, this is a memory that would be hard for anyone to forget. Can you imagine trying to get some sleep and then having none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger knocking at your door? What’s even funnier is how Dolph Lundgren addressed his knock. Despite Lundgren’s initial tone, it sounds like Schwarzenegger was nothing but smiles when his friend opened the door.


Sylvester Stallone Has Some Nice Things To Say About His Rocky IV Fight Sequence With Dolph Lundgren

Despite having been friends for decades it took quite a while for both Lundgren and Schwarzenegger to actually share the screen. The two wouldn’t work together until the Expendables franchise, which would also star Sylvester Stallone. But based on their interactions, one would think they’ve been making movies together for years. You can check out Lundgren’s sweet post down below:

The two actors are getting up in age, but they’re showing no signs of slowing down. The past few years have seen Dolph Lundgren star in plenty of high-profile projects like Aquaman, and he even reprised his famous role as Ivan Drago in Creed II. Meanwhile, Schwarzenegger has starred in several action films, including a few Terminator sequels. So there’s definitely still a chance the two could team up for another film.

And even if they don’t join forces for another motion picture, we’ll still be able to find joy in the off-camera interactions between them.

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