Apparently, Keanu Reeves’ Girlfriend Alexandra Grant Is With Him While He Films The Matrix 4

Keanu Reeves returning for The Matrix 4

Movies are either gearing up to go back into production or are already heading back into production. Among the latter is the upcoming Matrix 4, which had to take a break in the middle of filming due to Covid-19 issues. Now, the cast has head backed to Berlin to start moving forward again and it looks like franchise lead Keanu Reeves is taking his longterm-but-only-recently-revealed partner Alexandra Grant with him.

Keanu Reeves and some of his Matrix co-stars were spotted taking in the sights in Berlin last month. When they first flew out following the halt in filming, Alexandra Grant accompanied stars such as Carrie-Ann Moss, Neil Patrick Harris and her beau and she seems to be sticking around for the long haul of filming.

Per the Daily Mail, the two were seen taking in the sights in Berlin, namely in the central district Mitte. Both Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves went to a World War II bunker that was later turned into an art gallery and became Christian Boros’ private art collection. They then went to dinner in the city together.

While I’d hope Keanu Reeves and the gang are hard at work and trying to keep The Matrix 4’s release date, everyone gets random days off of filming and honestly the entire movie schedule is a bit in flux now. In fact, The Matrix 4 initially had a release date in 2021.

However, with 2020’s schedule changing, Godzilla vs. Kong took on the May 21,20201 slot. That left The Matrix 4 to step into April 1, 2022. Though that’s plenty of time to wrap, it is worth noting this franchise in particular has a lot of VFX potential, so there’s probably a lot of work to be done in post.

Meanwhile, Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant’s relationship seems to be flourishing. Though it has been reported the two have been dating for quite a while, it took until November of 2019 for the two to walk a red carpet together.

It was the first time Keanu Reeves had acknowledged a public relationship since he and his former partner Jennifer Syme lost their daughter during a stillborn birth, leading to a split for the couple. Sadly, Syme died shortly after in a car crash and while Keanu Reeves was seen with women including actress China Chow, potential connections such as those were never more formally acknowledged.

In the time since, Alexandra Grant, an artist in her own right with 92k followers on social media, has definitely gotten a taste of the whirlwind of being famous. There’s jet-setting around the world and the increased attention, which she’s said has allowed her an opportunity to hopefully do some “good.” Yet, she’s also had to file a restraining order against a person who has allegedly been stalking Keanu Reeves.

There are definitely pros and cons to being a famous person or being near and dear to a famous person and we wish the couple the very best as they navigate these newly public waters. We’re also wishing the best for The Matrix 4 as it inches closer and closer to theaters as well. You can see the full – and likely to change – list of theatrical releases with our 2020 movies schedule.

Jessica Rawden
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