Brian Austin Green Had A Little Petty Revenge Following Megan Fox And Machine Gun Kelly Post

Megan Fox in music video and Brian Austin Green in Anger Management

For a few weeks following Brian Austin’s Green’s split from Transformers star Megan Fox, things seemed to be going fairly well. Green made a few statements requesting privacy and making it clear he wasn’t “a victim” in his divorce, and the two seemed to be working to communicate and co-parent their kids. However, co-parenting well or no, Green proved this weekend he’s still up for a little petty revenge when he feels it's warranted.

Basically, if you’ve been keeping tabs on Megan Fox post-split, she’s thrown herself into a deep and intense relationship with Machine Gun Kelly, the rapper and musician whom she appeared with in her underwear in the “Bloody Valentine” video. They then were seen out on some dates and MGK even said he was “in love” in a recent post, which is why Megan Fox’s intense new Instagram comment really isn’t a surprise.

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What is a surprise is that Brian Austin Green decided to hilariously go online and react to it. While he didn’t comment on his soon-to-be ex-wife’s own post, he did create a post spotlighting who he feels are the real “achingly beautiful boys”: the kids they share together.

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It’s certainly not an over-the-line shot at Megan Fox, but it does come after Brian Austin Green reportedly stopped following Fox on social media. Still, given the two have both been spending time dating other people and given Brian Austin Green has worked so hard to make things seem if not copacetic at least OK, this moment came a little bit out of nowhere, though it’s a pretty flipping funny tack to take.

It also highlights how much love Green has for his boys, though. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green shared three boys together, Noah, Bodhi, and Journey. Green was also previously in a relationship with Beverly Hills, 90210 cast member Vanessa Marcil. Whilst engaged, they had a son Kassius together, who is also pictured in Brian Austin Green’s post.

Brian Austin Green has doubled down on parenting in recent weeks as Megan Fox went back to work on her movie with Machine Gun Kelly Midnight in the Switchgrass, which started filming again in Puerto Rico in June. Meanwhile, while it’s been clear that Fox has thrown herself into this new relationship, Brian Austin Green was also seen dating Courtney Stodden, though he says there's been much more of a microscope on his life since his split. He also recently revealed in an interview with Hollywood Raw that he had no idea Instagram was such a hot place for dating until he broke up with his wife.

So, he's clearly been spending time on the social media platform for reasons beyond petty revenge. Though hopefully the co-parenting thing is still working out, as splits in the public eye can be difficult to navigate. We wish both Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox the best moving forward.

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