Machine Gun Kelly Admits He Used To Creep On Megan Fox Before They Started Dating

Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox in Bloody Valentine Video

Machine Gun Kelly And Megan Fox have been tearing up Los Angeles during quarantine, but during a recent podcast, the two finally confirmed they were a couple following their work on Midnight in the Switchgrass. The attraction was intense and mutual very early on and in a recent podcast with Midnight in the Switchgrass director Randall Emmett both Fox and her new beau spoke out about how they met and developed such a whirlwind romance. But first, Machine Gun Kelly started waiting to catch a glimpse of the Transformers actress from a stoop.

To set up the details of their meet-cute, Megan Fox says once she knew she would be starring in a movie with Machine Gun Kelly, she knew something big was on the horizon. The actress revealed that at the read-through for Midnight in the Switchgrass, she knew big, “wild” things were to come, noting,

This character that Coulson was going to play, obviously the actor wasn’t there and I was like, ‘Who’s gonna play this role.’ He was like, ‘Oh, we just got Machine Gun Kelly.’ Immediately, I was like, ‘Uh, oh, because I knew, I could feel that some wild shit was going to happen to me from that meeting but I wasn’t sure what. I just felt it in my solar plexus that something was going to come from that. So then, we met on set.

As soon as Machine Gun Kelly learned he’d have a trailer near Megan Fox’s, he said he couldn’t help himself and just needed to see her and her intensely “gorgeous” eyes. So, he’d go stand out on his trailer stoop like a character from Hey Arnold and just wait around until Fox showed up so he could get five seconds of creeping on her in before their work began in earnest for the day.

Our trailers were next to one another, so I just waited outside on my trailer stoop every day I worked just to catch one glimpse of eye contact, because she would have to get out and walk from her car to the trailer. There were like five steps in between the car and the door. And I would just sit there and hope. She would always look over and give me one [glance].

To this day, Randall Emmett says he had no idea any of this was going on, remarking that the two actors were super professional on the set of Midnight in the Switchgrass. He noted on “Give Them Lala… With Randall” that he was “shocked” to hear the two were dating following Megan Fox’s split from Brian Austin Green.

But from what Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly both had to say, the two were propelled into each others’ lives by some cosmic force and everything that has happened after has confirmed the importance of their current romance. In fact Megan Fox has a very romantic viewpoint of her love for the rapper and “Bloody Valentine” singer.

The second I was in a room with him and said hello to him and looked into his eyes, I knew right away that he was what I call a twin flame. Instead of a soul mate, a twin flame is actually where a soul has ascended into a high enough level that it can be split into two different bodies at the same time. So we're actually two halves of the same soul, I think. And I said that to him almost immediately, because I felt it right away.

In the time following the couple meeting, they have been fairly joined at the hip. Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have created a music video, put together picnics and picked up takeout together. They’ve been fairly joined at the hip and even reportedly traveled to Puerto Rico together to wrap on the movie while Fox’s ex Brian Austin Green watched the kids.

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