See Rare Behind-The-Scenes Look At Beyonce Dancing With Sir Carter While Filming Black Is King

Beyonce in Disney+'s Black is King 2020

Black is King has been a big deal since it hit Disney+ at the tail end of last month. The new visual performance film from Beyoncé even gives fans rare glimpses at her children with Jay-Z: Blue Ivy and twins Sir and Rumi. However, if you’ve already watched the Disney+ visual album, you may be looking for more behind-the-scenes footage related to the cool new project. Thanks to the twins’ stylist, we gotchu.

Yes, I did just type the words "thanks to the twins’ stylist," though more accurately it's the kids' stylist. Jay-Z and Beyoncé actually employ a stylist, Manuel A. Mendez (who formerly assisted with Beyoncé's wardrobe, then organized her closet, eventually working to buy clothes for her kids), for all three of their kids to make sure they are well-groomed and wearing only the best of clothing for the big moments in their lives, including this Giorgio Armani suit that Sir wore while Black is King was filming. Take a look.

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Although we’ve seen some curated looks of Bey with the kids before, it’s much rarer that we get this sort of unprecedented access to the pair and even rarer that access like this might be video content, in this case featuring Beyoncé dancing around and really enjoying herself in her role as a mom to her kids. Particularly not when her kid is sporting an epic unicorn hat, a cute little touch I'd be remiss not to mention.

Manual A Mendez also remarked that he’s really grateful for the opportunities the Carter family has given him over the years, which includes work on Black is King, a project which also features well-coiffed looks at Rumi, Sir and Blue Ivy. Other fashion moments from the cameos have been spotlighted on social media. Blue Ivy in particular gets some major fashion forward moments in the movie.

Black is King as a whole seems as if it was a pretty personal project for Beyoncé. It features music from the album The Lion King: The Gift, but perhaps more importantly, shots from the visual album were undertaken in personal locations, including her home. It was recently revealed the tree shot in “Already” was designed around a tree in her own backyard because it felt Lion King-y and that was the vibe those involved were really working toward.

Black is King is currently running on Disney+ and has by all accounts been pretty popular since it’s debut, more recently out-performing the likes of Hamilton (though the musical was a few weeks old on the service by that point). Meanwhile, if you haven’t checked it out, Disney+ is no longer offering a free trial but does have interesting bundle options with Hulu and ESPN.

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