Lovely Aladdin Fan Art Remembers Robin Williams On The Anniversary Of His Death

Genie and Aladdin hugging

It was six years ago today that movie and comedy fans lost one of the all-time greats. The world was shocked to hear about the death of Robin Williams, and even now, it's hard to believe that he's truly gone. He made so many well-loved films that mean so much to so many, and even six years after the fact, it's clear from the outpouring on social media that this one still hurts, even for people that only ever knew him through his work.

Fans all over are posting their remembrances of the late great Robin Williams. Among them, graphic artist of the highest order BossLogic, who posted a simple black and white image that, while not nearly as complex as much of his work can be, is still able to say so much with a simple, Aladdin inspired image. It's not a picture of Williams' Genie, but rather the lack of him that is so powerful.

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Possibly because it was his most family-friendly role, Robin Williams will probably be known as Aladdin's Genie above and beyond all other roles that he played in his career. He was nominated for several Oscars, and he won the award once, but Aladdin is the one point of reference we all have, which makes an image like this resonate all the more.

While Robin Williams' death seemed surprising and confusing to so many, in the months that followed we learned more about the actor's ongoing battles with Lewy Body Dementia, a form of dementia that can be associated with Parkinson's disease, which the actor had been diagnosed with prior to his death. It's believed that this not widely known form of dementia is what led Robin Williams to take his own life.

In the days prior to the anniversary of Robin Williams' death, the trailer for the new documentary film Robin's Wish was released. The film will focus on the final days of the actor's life, with a specific focus on the medical side of what happened to him.

Fans of Robin Williams are likely to get more than a little emotional at Robin's Wish, you can already see that it's going to tell a powerful story about somebody who was universally loved. As fans, it's heartbreaking just because you know that we would have seen some really phenomenal work from him just because nearly everything he touched was brilliant. You can tell how popular he was just due to all the movies he was part of that have recently been remade.

Robin's Wish will be available via VOD starting September 1.

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