Netflix's The Lost Husband Star Josh Duhamel Explains Why It’s The Perfect Time To Release The Romance Film

Josh Duhamel The Lost Husband

Netflix’s The Lost Husband has been trending ever since it was released on the subscription streamer, and honestly, with its romantic premise and fun cast (Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb star; Netflix’s Lucifer star Kevin Alejandro is also in it), it’s a perfect end of summer tale. But if you ask Josh Duhamel, there’s a specific reason The Lost Husband’s release has been so timely.

You guessed it, the pandemic may have really led a lot more eyeballs to The Lost Husband than may have otherwise, particularly given the schedule and ways the now-Netflix movie has been released. While previously speaking to ET ahead of the flick’s initial release, Duhamel said The Lost Husband was coming at “the perfect time.”

This is the perfect time for a movie like this to come out because people are at home watching. You know? These are things that they may really want to dive into. People are sort of stuck at home right now, so they either need to read or watch something and they’re trying to keep themselves occupied. I think any sort of entertainment is helpful.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on The Lost Husband at all, it’s had quite the trajectory in the era of Covid-19. The movie was initially released on VOD when most of us were quarantined back in April and when Josh Duhamel was able to take some time off and spend it in the great outdoors rather than the concrete jungle in Los Angeles. Then, Netflix scooped the project up and the rest is history.

The Lost Husband first hit Netflix on August 10. It joins a lineup of some fan favorites returning to Netflix or hitting the streamer this month, as well as a few originals. This includes Rob Schneider’s new comedy special, Asian Mamma, Mexican Kids, which also hit this week, as well as Work It, Crazy Awesome Teachers, The Sleepover, All Together Now, and other upcoming flicks.

Meanwhile, The Lost Husband has been impressively popular over its last few days on the streaming service. It’s the number one title on Netflix at the time of this writing – both in movies and television programming – and I do think there’s something to Josh Duhamel’s thoughts about the timing of the romantic film. People need breezy content right now and even though The Lost Husband has some sad and serious plot material, at the end of the day a little romance doesn’t hurt, particularly when people are consuming more content at home. You can take a look at what to expect with the full trailer.

Netflix still isn’t often releasing numbers for its programming, but if The Lost Husband continues to hang around in the Top 10 for more than a couple additional days, I’d assume it’s a pretty reasonable success. The Lost Husband is also based on a novel by Katherine Center if you’d like to delve into its story a bit more.

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