Lucifer's Kevin Alejandro Reveals What To Expect From The Final Episode

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Mild spoilers ahead for the final episode of the two-part Lucifer event on Fox.

Lucifer fans were heartbroken earlier this month when Fox announced that it was cancelling the series following the conclusion of its third season. Despite an impassioned fan campaign on social media, neither Fox nor any other platform has yet picked up the show for a fourth season even two weeks after the official Season 3 finale aired. The good news is that Fox was holding on to two standalone episodes, originally intended to air in a fourth season, and those two episodes will air as a primetime two-hour event on May 28.

Kevin Alejandro, who stars as Detective Dan Espinoza on Lucifer, also directed the second of the two episodes, which will (as of now) function as the final installment of the series. Alejandro spoke to CinemaBlend ahead of the big episode, saying this about what fans can expect:

My episode is called 'Once Upon a Time.' I think it'll be the second of the two episodes, which is awesome. What you can expect to see is that it's a world that doesn't exist, so it's a little bit of a re-pilot in a sense. We were joking around that because it's a world, it's a what-if situation, there are no Lucifer rules. For the fans, they're really going to enjoy because you get to look for nuances that are the same but different. One example is in... Lucifer's car is a black convertible. Well, in my world, it's a red one. So if you just look for little nuances that have changed. It's a little darker, it's a little edgier, I think. And it's a what-if world, and I think it's gonna give them an opportunity to see just a slightly different version of the Lucifer world they're used to.

"Once Upon a Time" won't just be business as usual for the Lucifer characters. Rather than investigating a standard -- or what passes for standard in the Lucifer world -- case, the characters will exist in a world fans haven't gotten to experience before, and there will be some key differences from the regular world of the show. Images (which can be seen on the next page) from the episode show the major characters will appear in the what-if world, although Lucifer's black car can also be seen in a shocking shade of red. The episode description describes the what-if world as taking place in a reality in which Lucifer "had never met Chloe, but is granted the freedom of choice." All things considered, it sounds like fans are in for a fun final ride on Fox.

That said, it won't be all fun and games and red convertibles. Kevin Alejandro also teased that we're in for something "darker" and "edgier." Perhaps the fact that the episode will take place in a what-if world means that some characters are in danger of being seriously injured or even killed off. They'd presumably still be alive in the real world, but seeing any of the good guys in a bad way would still punch an emotional punch. Given that God himself will have a part to play in the episode, we should probably expect the unexpected and a lot of the rules to go out the window.

Lucifer managed to cast the perfect person to play God: Neil Gaiman. As DC Comics fans will know well, Gaiman created this version of Lucifer for the comics back in 1989. Without Gaiman, Lucifer never would have happened, so who could be more fitting to tackle the role of God? Kevin Alejandro spoke about how it felt to land Neil Gaiman as God on Lucifer:

How lucky am I to be able to have that episode where we introduce him as God? He was super stoked to do it. At first, I think it started off as a joke. It was like, 'Wouldn't it be awesome if...' And then Joe [Henderson] was like, 'I'm just going to send him an email and see what happens.' And he immediately was like, 'Yep, I'm in.' It's awesome, and for the guys who know him, just the tone of his voice... You can't help but just smile.

Apparently, landing Neil Gaiman as God was as simple as showrunner Joe Henderson emailing him! Not all shows are lucky enough to pull off such dream casting as the creator of an iconic character to voice him in a TV adaptation, but Gaiman was evidently game to lend his voice to the series. If "Once Upon a Time" really is the final episode and Lucifer is unable to find a home elsewhere on the small screen, at least the show will have gone out on a high note.

The final two episodes of Lucifer on Fox air on Monday, May 28 at 8 p.m. ET. Be sure to tune in to see Kevin Alejandro's Lucifer directorial debut with "Once Upon a Time." If you're in need of some viewing options once Lucifer has come to an end, swing by our summer TV premiere guide.

Head on over to the next page to see some pics of what you'll see in "Once Upon a Time" tonight!

"Once Upon a Time" won't show just Lucifer in the red convertible, as one image reveals the what-if world's version of Chloe sitting in the driver's seat:

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Dan will be on the scene as well, although his seat won't exactly be in the front of a snazzy red convertible. He'll evidently be right at the front of a rollercoaster called "Viper," and the straps (combined with the look on his face) point toward the Viper as a rollercoaster that goes upside down more than once. Poor Dan!

Poor Dan 2.0! Six Flags apparently snapped a pic of him during his ride on the rollercoaster, and Lucifer was clearly so delighted by Dan's less-than-dignified expression that he had it printed on a shirt.

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Lucifer will evidently deal with some issues far more pressing than Dan's expression while on a rollercoaster, as he and Chloe look very serious and even somewhat shocked in this image:

lucifer once upon a time chloe lucifer

Ella looks quite scared in a photo of her in "Once Upon a Time," so we may want to expect her to wind up in quite a lot of trouble in the episode. Given that this will be a what-if world, perhaps that danger will be mortal!

Only time will tell. Don't forget to tune in to Fox tonight at 8 p.m. ET to see more Lucifer, and be sure to keep on tweeting to try and #SaveLucifer.

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