Are More Bring It On Sequels On The Way? Here’s What The Writer And Director Said

Kirsten Dunst, Clare Kramer and Nicole Bilderback in Bring It On
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This week marks the 20th anniversary of Bring It On, a small-budget teen comedy about rival cheerleader teams that hit No. 1 at the box office in its first weekend and went on to become a cult classic. Now, over the years, the franchise has certainly been around: there have been five straight-to-video sequels and a Broadway musical, but the original filmmakers behind Bring It On were never part of them.

As the original film that starred Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union reaches its milestone, Bring It On screenwriter Jessica Bendinger teased that she may be finally working on another movie from the series with these words:

Peyton and I, over the years, have had fun chats. We’re really excited at the idea of possibly pursuing this. We don’t have anything explicitly to announce, but we have talked about this intermittently for years.

That’s just enough to spring into a backflip. During their conversation with Variety, Bendinger and Bring It On’s director Peyton Reed told the trade that the idea of a sequel has been on their minds for some time now, and they’ve been bouncing ideas between one another all this time. While there isn’t another movie officially in the works, it certainly looks like there could be. Here’s what Reed said:

We have some very, very fun and specific ideas that we’re working on. So we like the idea that Bring It On could potentially be this generational thing because the appetite for cheerleading and that whole world has only grown since we made that movie 20 years ago.

Case in point, Netflix’s original reality series, Cheer, was a huge hit earlier this year, and Bring It On has continued to reach audiences over the years, between its six films. Peyton Reed also brought up this “Bring It On Cinematic Universe” that had been proposed to him before (maybe because there have been so many characters at its center, including Hayden Panettiere?) that got them thinking about “devising certain things.”

It definitely sounds like the writer and director of the 2000 film have been seriously mulling over a story for an official Bring It On sequel, which is super exciting for fans. Kirsten Dunst showed her interest in reprising her role as Torrance Shipman last year, too! Now, the question is whether they are planning to bring in the original stars into the fold or tell a new story. Reed’s “generational” comment makes me believe it’s the former.

Since Bring It On scored $90 million at the box office, Peyton Reed has gone on to make comedy films The Break-Up and Yes Man, and he also helmed the two Ant-Man movies. A third Marvel film about Paul Rudd’s Scott Lang is reportedly in the works with the director, but its timeline isn’t clear yet. Bendinger’s last writing credit is 2006’s Stick It, which is insane.

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