Here’s Proof Tom Cruise Saw Tenet On The Big Screen, And Loved It

John David Washington and Tom Cruise side by side

We are roughly a week and change out from director Christopher Nolan’s Tenet heading to theaters, and the tension is so thick you could cut it with a knife. International critics have already seen and evaluated the film, and early access screenings as early as next Monday are set to stoke the fires of anticipation even higher. So there is literally no better time for Mission: Impossible star Tom Cruise to go see Tenet, on an IMAX screen, and to come out absolutely loving it. The proof can be found in the video below:

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Throughout the video that Tom Cruise himself posted to his official Twitter feed, we see the action superstar taking a taxi through beautiful, rainy London. His destination was a bit of a mystery at first, as the caption to the video simply teased a cinematic experience of some kind. But as soon as Tom Cruise rolled up on the IMAX auditorium of his selection, he pointed to the gigantic Tenet display showing two different John David Washingtons shooting through time, and said “Back to the movies.” Indeed, Mr. Cruise. Indeed.

Strangely enough, we have to wonder if the rain is the reason Tom Cruise and his guest, who looks strangely familiar/is probably Mission: Impossible 7 writer/director Christopher McQuarrie, are able to attend the cinema in the first place. The rain certainly doesn’t do any favors for a major motion picture that, most recently, was spotted filming a totally sick bike stunt. Then again, maybe when Cruise nails a stunt like that, even in the face of the recent difficulties and setbacks that this particular moment saw visited upon it, movies are just the sort of treat needed to reward such hard work.

Then again, this trip out to the theater just might be market research, as Tenet seems to be aiming for a very similar demographic to the one that the Mission: Impossible franchise has been mining for quite some time: espionage fans. While Christopher Nolan’s super secretive spy scenario is obviously still under tight wraps, all that seems to separate the time inverted thriller from its decades long competitor is the sci-fi aspect.

As a man who’s messed with time himself, and is no stranger to blockbuster movies of all stripes, Tom Cruise’s recent endorsement of Tenet feels pretty exciting. If a guy who’s future plans not only include going to space, but also to continue to set the bar when it comes to dangerous action, approves of this particular adventure, it sounds like we might be in for a treat once the wait is over. Tenet opens in UK cinemas on August 26th, with early access screenings starting domestically as of August 31st; and ending with a wide opening on September 3rd.

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