New Tenet Video Shows Off Visual Effects And Crazy Fight Choreography

Tenet Robert Pattinson walks and talks with John David Washington

As theaters start to open back up on a regional basis, there’s one word that owners are hoping will revive their dormant business: Tenet. With domestic critics having seen the movie recently, and the reactions pouring in, potential audiences are undoubtedly looking to see what director Christopher Nolan and studio Warner Bros are releasing to tease the last, and probably the largest, cinematic event of the summer.

Should you be one of those fans, then you should watch this Tenet featurette, which boasts the visual effects and crazy fight choreography you’d expect from the director of The Dark Knight trilogy. Take a look below!

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Along with images that stoke the mysterious fires that Tenet is looking to set in people’s imaginations, this new featurette includes a lot of the training footage and behind-the-scenes moments that took place while shooting Nolan’s vision of a world out of time. With time inversion being used by John David Washington, Robert Pattinson and Kenneth Branagh, the universe of Tenet centers itself around a rather unique espionage thriller, with World War III hanging in the balance.

The fight choreography that John David Washington had to master during his training really is insane to watch play out. With a mindset that requires as much practical work as possible, Christopher Nolan’s vision for Tenet can be seen in the work that Washington, and the stunt team, have put out there. Perhaps the best example is a sequence that’s shown early on in the video above, which sees Washington engaging in some gunplay, and what looks like a reverse tumble in the process.

And then, of course, there’s the infamous airplane scene: the moment where Christopher Nolan actually crashed a plane, on a working airfield, into an actual hanger. No wonder Tom Cruise loved this movie, as you could imagine him almost tearing up seeing some of the only material that would outdo his own crazy devotion to doing it live and getting the shot. It’s a pretty comprehensive video that promotes Tenet’s blockbuster appeal, and the lengths that Nolan and Warner Bros went to to make the film.

But is it going to be enough to bring the masses back to the movies in droves? Could Tenet really be the movie that kickstarts the revival of cinemas across the country, as well as the world? We’re all practically sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to find that out for ourselves, and we won’t have to wait for much longer as Tenet starts early access screenings this Monday, where theaters are open. Meanwhile, the proper rollout is still set for September 3, as planned, and keep checking in with CinemaBlend for more movies news.

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