Why Bring It On’s Sequel Will ‘Absolutely’ Happen, According To Gabrielle Union

Kirsten Dunst and Gabrielle Union in Bring it On
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2020 marks twenty years since the original Bring It On hit theaters, launching a cheerleading franchise that has lived on through five straight-to-video sequels and a Broadway musical by the likes of Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda. But Hollywood has never directly leapt off the original starring Kirsten Dunst’s Toros captain Torrance Shipman and Gabrielle Union’s Clover captain Isis. It turns out now it very well could.

Gabrielle Union stopped by on The Late Late Show with James Corden, and she brought the good news speaking for the cast who are reportedly “all in” on making another Bring It On. In her words:

It’s absolutely going to happen, I think because we all got obsessed with Cheer on Netflix. And it kind of brought back the whole love of cheerleading. And we kind of want to see where these people would be 20 years later.

The LA’s Finest star said that the original cast recently reunited for a 20-year anniversary panel that had them all saying yes to another Bring It On movie. The 47-year-old actor gave a shout out to the viral reality series Cheer, which revitalized interest for the cheerleading sport when the docuseries dropped on Netflix early this year.

Last year, Kirsten Dunst showed her interest in returning too. Also, Bring It On’s writer Jessica Bendinger previously said that she and director Peyton Reed have been having chats about the franchise over the years, with Reed going so far as to say they have “specific ideas” they’ve worked on too. The director, who has since helmed the Ant-Man movies, mentioned it potentially being a “generational thing,” which seems to bring in the original cast.

During a recent conversation on CinemaBlend’s ReelBlend podcast, Jessica Bendinger and Peyton Reed talked about Bring It On 20 years later. Here’s what Bendinger said when they were asked if they’ve thought about another Bring It On:

Yes, we’ve really talked about it, we really would love to do it. Would the stars align, is everyone available, all that. But yeah, Peyton and I, intermittently over the years, yes. And it goes from the absurd to the sublime with all the variations about where are they now?

You can check out ReelBlend’s full conversation with the writer and director of the classic below:

Bring It On hit theaters on August 25, 2000 and made $90 million worldwide on a budget of around $11 million, becoming a big hit for the flick about warring cheerleading teams. The movie still holds up as a commentary on cultural appropriation and white privilege among its quotable lines and cheerleading antics.

Another Bring It On movie has not yet been officially green lit for now, but Gabrielle Union’s comments certainly makes it sounds like it could very well be. Stay tuned here on CinemaBlend for the latest in movie news.

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