How Barbie Ferreira Drove The Trans Am In Unpregnant Without A Driver’s License

Haley Lu Richardson and Barbie Ferreira in Unpregnant
(Image credit: (HBOMax))
(Image credit: (HBOMax))

The latest release in HBO Max’s streaming library is Unpregnant. It’s a thoughtful and relevant, yet super fun cross-country road trip movie starring Euphoria’s Barbie Ferreira and Five Feet Apart’s Haley Lu Richardson, both of whom ooze with chemistry. In the comedy, Richardson’s Veronica asks her estranged friend Bailey (Ferreira) to drive her from Missouri to New Mexico after she becomes the only one in on her secret and very much unwanted pregnancy.

Although the pair take turns during the course of the movie, Barbie Ferreira is behind the wheel of a 1979 Trans Am the most, as their teen characters swerve away from cops and other “friends” they meet during the course of the trip. I had the chance to speak with Ferreira and Haley Lu Richardson during Unpregnant’s virtual press day, and I asked about what the driving actually looked like behind the scenes. Check out the exclusive CinemaBlend interview below:

After seeing Barbie Ferreira’s badass driving during Unpregnant, I certainly wasn’t expecting this. As the 23-year-old actress told us, she has her permit, but she has yet to pass her driving test. Ferreira likened herself to Spongebob when it comes to her relationship with the DMV, but thankfully, she had Haley Lu Richardson as a passenger to make her bit of driving legal in between the production implementing green screens and stunt doubles.

It’s a dose of classic irony that Barbie Ferreira is the one without the license, when in Unpregnant, her character is the one of two who has the car needed to take Haley Lu Richardson’s Veronica to her abortion procedure on the other side of the country. Ferreira told CinemaBlend that she especially enjoyed the honor of driving the iconic car known for making an appearance in Knight Rider.

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Haley Lu Richardson said she was proud of her co-star and could empathize because she remembered a time herself when she had to drive for a scene as a new driver at 16. There’s a pressure to drive when you're new to it by itself, but add in cameras and a crew, it must have been a unique challenge for her. But, wow did she pull it off. The girl even sings and dances to Kelly Clarkson, and does a handshake with Veronica while in the car.

This is a cool behind-the-scenes detail that is definitely going to have me looking closer at Unpregnant the next time I watch it. The movie adds to the tried-and-true road trip genre with a combination of heartfelt moments and fun mishaps. You can check out CinemaBlend’s review for the movie and the ReelBlend podcast’s interview with Unpregnant director Rachel Lee Goldenberg.

Unpregnant is available to stream on HBO Max. Check out what new movies are coming next with CinemaBlend’s 2020 release schedule and stick with us for more exclusive interviews.

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