James Bond Video On Rami Malek’s Villain Is Loaded With New Footage

No Time To Die Rami Malek as Safin in the tunnel

As mysterious as Rami Malek’s villain Safin is in the world of No Time To Die, we surely aren’t hurting for a good look at who he is and what he’s capable of. Though the specific details of his plot are still in the shadows, we’ve got a bead on just why the villain of the 25th James Bond film is so threatening. What’s more, we’ve got a new video discussing Safin-- loaded with new footage to ponder over in the weeks to come. For now though, let’s meet Safin in this new reel promoting No Time To Die:

On top of some moments that we’ve already seen glimpse of in No Time To Die, quite a bit of context is given into some of those snippets from the past. In particular, this new set of scenes from the official 007 channel Safin threatens to kill everyone that Dr. Madeleine Swann loves. Played once more by Lea Seydoux, she swears that she’s already lost everyone she cares about and has defiant tears in her eyes. But then Rami Malek gives her this look that totally calls her out without saying anything.

We’ve seen Safin firing guns into ice, presumably playing a big mind game by giving Madeleine that broken mask that he wears in various scenes of No Time To Die’s various footage montages, and he even calls Daniel Craig’s James Bond obsolete in another scene. Malek’s villain is no stranger to villainy and the clapbacks that come with it. But that look? It’s both chilling, and in a way amusing, as if to say “Liar” to Dr. Swann’s face, with venom dripping from each syllable. Recent rumors may have the answer to just why Safin wears that expression on his face, but it’s still a cold glare you need to see for yourself, and so now you shall:

No Time To Die Safin smirks coldly

It’s the crux of what Rami Malek even admits to aiming for in his role as No Time To Die’s big bad, and the first classic world domination plot villain in the Daniel Craig run. As he wants to unsettle the audience, Malek’s Safin looks primed to do just that. Between comparing himself to James Bond in almost glowing terms, and employing a bunch of people in ominous red hazmat suits to harvest something in his evil lair, it’s all adding up to another landmark chapter in the modern reboot of the 007 canon. A landmark which can be best summed up in a quote Rami Malek gives in this very video:

Safin is a formidable adversary. James Bond has to adapt to that.

A new world of espionage and evil will continue to unfold in No Time To Die, which as of this moment, is still slated to open on November 12th in the UK and November 20th in the US. Whether that changes or remains the course, James Bond will return to CinemaBlend; and you’ll want to keep up with the latest updates as they break.

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