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Bella’s House From Twilight Is Real, And You Can Even Take A Digital Tour

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen in Bella's room in Twilight
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Even though Bella Swan’s eyes may have wandered more on the end of Edward Cullen’s amber eyes and his family’s modern glass home, fans of the franchise have dreamed about walking into the home of Charlie Swan-- one of the most recognizable locations in the Twilight films. The front driveway where Bella rekindles her friendship with Jacob Black in and her room is where her and Edward share their first kiss on her bed. Bite on this: the exact location where these scenes were shot can be visited in the flesh or virtually.

Since Amber and Dean Neufeld bought the property in 2018, the couple have restored it to its former glory as one of the settings for the Twilight films and fans have the opportunity to experience their hard work. The 2000 square-feet, five-bedroom home in St Helens, Oregon is a hot Airbnb ticket (opens in new tab) and currently available to tour virtually for $25 a device.

Checking out the Twilight Swan House typically costs between $350 to $450 per night for guests who would like the house to themselves during their Portland vacation. Now it can also be accessed by way of a virtual tour conducted through Zoom, allowing fans to appreciate the novel location without having to make a trek over to Oregon. The event is happening throughout the day on Saturday September 26 by Weird Homes Tour.

As for staying at the Twilight home, it seems to be so popular its owners are asking for a 12 month advance booking, if you can find a spot to nab. This isn’t exactly surprising, it's rare to be able to stay in a film location, especially one that is centrally located in Portland, Oregon-- also where a number of other scenes were shot for the 2008 movie starring Kristen Stewart and upcoming star of The Batman, Robert Pattinson. You can check out more about the home here:

An incredible amount of detail went into recreating it too! Although the movie is about Forks, Washington, an actual small town made famous by Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga, the movie was shot mainly in Oregon and British Columbia during its less than two month production period. As the franchise continued with its four sequels, ever more of the production moved over to British Columbia and other places including Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Interest in staying at Bella Swan’s home has only amplified too since the release of Midnight Sun, which fans have been waiting to get their hands on for a decade. The bestseller follows the story of Twilight but through Edward Cullen’s point of view. For one thing, we definitely learn that the vampire spent a lot more time getting comfy in Bella’s room than Twilight let on.

Stephenie Meyer has also revealed she has two more Twilight books in the works once she ventures into something “brand new” first. Stick with us here on CinemaBlend for more news about the franchise and other movies and TV updates you care about.

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