Frozen II And Westworld Star Evan Rachel Wood Opens Up About Why She Quit Twitter

Evan Rachel Wood in Kajillionaire 2020

Evan Rachel Wood was an active celebrity on social media for quite a long time. Then, back in June, the popular Frozen II and Westworld actress unexpectedly quit Twitter. It was shortly after Season 3 had wrapped its run on HBO, but at the time the actress really didn’t explain the decision. Now, however, Wood is being pretty honest about her reasons for quitting the popular social media platform.

Unlike notable actresses like Kelly Marie Tran, Evan Rachel Wood didn’t quit a platform due to backlash related to a role or online hate from fans. However, she did recently reveal it was due to people taking things she would say on her Twitter profile out of context, or reworking those comments in a way she felt was unfair. She noted:

And it would be, like, ‘Evan Rachel Wood goes on a rant!’ or ‘Evan Rachel Wood attacks this person!’ Honestly, I think it’s one of the best decisions I ever made! Really.

Speaking to Variety as part of a larger profile about her career, her feelings on activism and more from Evan Rachel Wood’s personal worldview, the actress touched on why quitting Twitter was a sound decision on her part. Unfortunately, her quitting the social media platform also means fans won’t get to see cute exchanges between Evan Rachel Wood and some other big names, including a cute exchange that happened earlier this year between Wood and droid-lover Janelle Monae when Westworld was renewed for Season 4. Every decision has its pros and cons, though Wood doesn't sound too bent out of shape about this one.

Evan Rachel Wood is still active elsewhere in Hollywood, even if she isn’t interacting with fans, co-stars and random people on Twitter on a regular basis anymore. It is worth pointing out that she has even kept her Instagram account and posts regularly about her career, but also her opinions on what’s going on in the world at large, though she also revealed to the outlet that she also tries to focus on topics she is educated about.

I do feel like if I’m going to be speaking and representing something, it’s best that I know what I’m talking about.

This month, Evan Rachel Wood stars in Kajillionaire, Miranda July’s new film that was sold at Sundance last year and is about a trio of oddballs, a family of con artists and the first person they’ve let into their lives in a long while. The movie is all quirk and there’s a lot to talk about, and while Evan Rachel Wood has been good about promoting the movie on Instagram, you’ll hear nary a peep from her on Twitter.

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She’s not the only celebrity to quit Twitter recently, either. Sometimes celebrities take a break from Twitter, as Lin-Manuel Miranda did for a short time after he tirelessly promoted Disney+’s Hamilton around the time of its release. And some celebrities, including Kelly Marie Tran, drop off of Twitter nary to return. The platform isn’t used the same way by each and every celebrity or artist and it isn’t a great fit for every person and that’s OK. As long as the Rian Johnson’s of the world continue engaging, I think the Twitter-verse will be alright.

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